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Will You… Use These 10 Tips on Proposing to the Love of Your Life?

The holiday season is a popular time for proposals. If you’re planning on proposing to the love of your life, be sure to follow these 10 tips.

The weather is cool, the lights are twinkling, and holiday magic is in the air.

Time to cozy up with the girl of your dreams, and maybe even put an engagement ring on her pretty little finger. After all, the holidays are the most popular time to get engaged.

If you’re feeling ready to pop the big question this holiday season, read on. Below we’ve got 10 great tips on proposing to the special lady in your life.

With a bit of planning and creativity, she’s sure to say “yes!”

Tip #1: Keep it on the DL…

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how tempting it is to reveal your proposal plans as the big day approaches. You have the ring, after all, and you want to show it off!

But remember, even the most well-meaning of friends might slip and ruin it. If you truly want your proposal to take your sweetheart by surprise, you need to keep it to yourself. And by all means, keep that ring well-hidden!

Tip #2: …But the Secret Has One Exception

Okay, okay, there’s one exception. If your girlfriend is close to her family, you should definitely consider sitting down with her parents (or just her dad) and asking permission.

Asking dad for his daughter’s hand has several benefits: first, he’ll love you forever more.

Second, your girlfriend will swoon at the knowledge that you bravely (!) asked her father for permission. And third, it’s one more worry off your plate, because you know the family approves!

Tip #3: Think Carefully on Crowds

Is your girlfriend an extrovert or an introvert? If she’s the latter, think long and hard before even considering a public proposal.

For some, getting engaged in front of a crowd is mortifying and uncomfortable, and they would much prefer a quiet (and private!) setting.

And yet other girls love the idea of a public proposal. Think ball games or Broadway shows. Whatever route you pick, ensure that your fiancé-to-be isn’t out of her element when you get down on one knee.

Tip #4: Picture Perfect

As you consider when, where, and how to pop the question, don’t overlook the photo opportunity!

Consider asking a professional photographer or a close friend to hide out somewhere nearby (perhaps inside a nearby building, or a safe distance away) to take a photo of the big moment.

A good camera lens is your best friend in this instance. The photographer will only get a few seconds to capture this moment, so consider renting or borrowing a good camera for the occasion.

Tip #5: Don’t Be Predictable

The goal with any proposal is unpredictability. After all, you want it to be a surprise! Try to avoid proposing on her birthday or holidays like Valentine’s Day or Christmas Day.

Consider instead proposing a few days before she might expect it. Pick an “average day” without any parties or events, and try to keep a normal schedule in the hours leading up to the proposal.

Tip #6: Think Outside the (Ring) Box

There are a thousand ways to actually reveal diamond rings, besides just pulling out a pretty blue box.

Consider other ways to give your sweetheart a ring, like hanging it from a Christmas tree, tying it to her dog’s collar, or placing it somewhere unexpected, like inside of a dessert.

Any of these ideas will add to the surprise factor, not to mention she’ll love your creative thinking. Just be sure you don’t accidentally misplace or lose the ring while getting it into position!

Tip #7: Choose a Timeless Location

Even if your first kiss was in your living room, we’re guessing that this probably isn’t the place your girlfriend dreams about getting engaged.

Think about locations that are not only meaningful to you as a couple, but are enjoyable to return to for years to come.

Consider nearby parks, rooftop bars, beaches, or stately homes and museums. Many great options are free, so there’s no need to dish out extra cash this holiday season on an entrance fee!

And all of these will be around for many years to come, so they might be a great place to return to with your kids someday.

Tip #8: Be Flexible when Proposing

Don’t become so attached to the “perfect proposal” that you’re unable to relax and shift things around as needed.

Because, let’s face it, your girlfriend might wake up not feeling well or in a bad mood. Or maybe you’re planning to propose by a lake and a thunderstorm rolls in.

Always have a “Plan B!” This might be a second location or a different date.

Whatever it is, ensure that you communicate early and often with anyone else who knows about the proposal, like your designated photographer and your girlfriend’s parents.

Tip #9: Don’t Overthink the “Speech”

Chances are, your adrenaline will be sky-high when you’re about to get down on one knee. And unless you’re a pro at public speaking, any script you’ve memorized will fly out the window.

Instead of trying to memorize what you want to say, summarize into one or two key thoughts that you’d like to include before you actually say, “Will you marry me?”

By keeping it simple and straightforward, you’re more likely to remember the important things you want to say to her.

Tip #10: Time to Share the News!

What to do after she says “yes”? Some couples choose to keep the news to themselves for a day. Perhaps you want to grab dinner, celebrate in private, and enjoy basking in the moment before it hits social media.

Alternatively, many girls can’t wait to shout from the rooftops, “I’m engaged!”

Whatever the case, be flexible and understanding with your new fiancé. This is an important moment for her, one she’s been dreaming about since childhood, and she’ll be appreciative of the freedom to share the news when ready.


Once you’ve popped the big question, congrats! The hard part of proposing is behind you, and now you turn to wedding planning and looking forward to marriage.

We’re right here to help you with all of it. For more tips on growing relationships and maintaining a strong marriage, browse around the rest of our site!

Jeff Campbell