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Fun Activities to Help Manage Clear Anger

Stress levels are currently at an all-time high. This is no brainer when you consider the harsh economic, ravaging pandemic, and never-ending political unrest. Understandably, we could be letting too much get to us. Hence, we become easily irritable or agitated. While it’s likely that it will take time for things to get better, we can aim to become intentional about our mental health and emotions. Some of the fun activities that can help with your overall health include; journaling, dancing, or painting


Writing down your feelings is the easiest way to spill your anger. Journaling helps you funnel your thoughts into words and this makes it easy to understand your triggers. This also helps with self-exploration and allows you to clarify your thoughts. Thus, you become intentional about how you handle stressful situations. Another significant aspect of keeping a journal is that it will enable you to see other people’s perspectives alongside your own. This is crucial in building tolerance and it lowers your emotional reactivity to others.

Deep Breathing

When angry, it is easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment. Naturally, your body enters in a fight-or-flight mode, which triggers an increased heart rate and rapid breathing. Focusing on your breathing can help you regain control of your feelings. There are various breathing techniques & exercises for stress management, but generally, taking slow, deep, and controlled breaths will give you time to calm down.


When you dance, your brain releases endorphins, the happy hormones, which reduce stress and make you feel calm. Dancing can be an excellent emotional outlet that helps you express yourself without causing harm to anyone. It also puts you in a meditative state where your focus shifts to breathing, movement, and performance. Therefore, the next time you feel agitated, you can put your favorite song on and dance the anger away.


Gaming is another excellent way to relax and unwind. Online games specifically have come in handy since you can play them at any location or time. Some of the best games that can help reduce stress and anger include action games such as Dota 2 or Call of Duty. Slot machine games are also among the most popular games since they don’t require too much concentration. Luckily, online slots are mobile compatible, and you can find them on various platforms that offer thousands of free casino slots. There are several online guide websites that provide reviews of the best slot titles to play for free. Here, you will also find guidelines on how to play, and information on different types of slots.


The best thing about painting is that it helps you use nonverbal creative methods to express your feelings. One of the effective ways to deal with anger is understanding its source. This is why painting is a recommendable option since it allows you to focus on expressing your fury without having to suppress it. If you are not good at putting your emotions into words, then drawing or painting can be a great alternative. In this case, you can draw a literal or abstract representation of your feelings. Another option is sketching the faces of those you love or places that bring you peace.


This is another option if you need a fun activity to relieve your anger. There are various types of yoga to explore. Some techniques involve slower and gentle movements, while others require faster and more intense moves. The best thing about yoga is the mind-body practice which combines physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation. These combinations help reduce your anxiety and stress, lower your heart rate, and put you into a calmer state.

Take a Walk

Change of surroundings can help shift your focus and help get your thoughts back on track. Walking out of a stressful environment gives you time to think and reflect. Breathing fresh air and moving your body is natural stress relief. Research shows that taking a walk aid increase blood flow to your brain, which assists in clearing your mind.

We hope you can take this advice into account and be mindful when you next experience anger in your life. If we have missed anything, feel free to comment.

Jeff Campbell