Is It Time to Get Your Home Back Into Shape?

We should all take pride in our homes. At the end of the day, this is your space that you can call your own. It’s likely to be the biggest investment you make in your life, so you should want to help it to maintain as much value as possible.

Even if you’re not planning on selling, you need to think of maintaining its value long term to help your kids out when you’re gone. It’s also the space where you spend most of your time.

You’ll want it to be a clear and enjoyable space to spend time in.

Whether that’s winding down after a long day at work, entertaining friends and family members, spending quality time with your immediate family, working on your personal projects and hobbies or anything else. Chances are when you first moved into your home, it was spick and span. But over time, the vast majority of us are guilty of letting things slip a little, especially when you have kids. When you have little ones running around, you’re bound to find more mess and a little more chaos.

So, now is the time to ask yourself. Is it time to get our home into shape? Here are some steps to take if you find that the answer is “yes”!


The first step you need to take is decluttering your home.

When you have kids, you end up with countless unnecessary belongings. They quickly grow out of clothes. They quickly grow out of toys.

They quickly let go of old hobbies and pastimes and pick up new ones.

Eventually, over the years, you find yourself with a whole host of unused items strewn about your home. The key to resolving this and stopping your home feeling so cluttered? Decluttering. Now, we’re not saying you have to go all out minimalist. Instead, you just need to remove the belongings from your home that nobody uses anymore. Take a few days to do this. Sift through items. Question whether anyone uses them.

Question whether they have sentimental value. If not, you no longer need them within your family or in your property. Look at bin hire prices for the belongings you can’t sell, donate or recycle.

Chances are you’ll exceed your weekly bin collection amount when you start clearing out years of junk.


People tend to think they only need to redecorate when they want to change the colour scheme of their home.

But this really isn’t the case. Walls can fade over time, due to exposure to sun and kids putting their hands on the walls all the time.

Repainting the walls with a fresh lick of paint will really make your home feel fresh and new again. Plus, there will be less stuff to shift out of the way while you’re painting now you’ve decluttered!

Homes really do deteriorate over time. So take some active steps to keep yours in good nick. Hopefully, the steps outlined above will help!

Jeff Campbell

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