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5 Thoughtful Gifts Every New Parents Love


The first few months of a newborn’s life are critical, and there is no better way to show your love for a new baby than with thoughtful gifts. As the time draws near for the newest addition to be born into your family, you may find yourself scrambling to put together a list of things that would make great gifts. To help everyone out, we have compiled 5 different options that should provide some inspiration as you go about looking for those perfect baby gifts.

1. Personalized baby blankets

If there is one thing that everyone loves, it’s cuddling up under a warm blanket when the weather gets chilly. So why not give new parents the custom gift of something they can use all year long? Custom baby blankets with names are an awesome way to show off the new member of your family while keeping them snug and warm. This is a great gift, and you can get as creative as you like when it comes to the blanket itself. Personalized baby blankets are one of the most versatile gifts you can give, and they never go out of style.

To make it more personal and a bit hilarious, you can get you and your baby your custom face on socks.

2. Baby car seat

A baby car seat is essentially one of the most important items on your list when introducing a new member to your family. This is not something that should be purchased on a whim, but rather with some careful consideration. Of course, you will want to purchase a car seat of great quality, especially if it’s going to hold an expensive piece of new equipment. This is especially important if you are not going to be the one primarily transporting the child around. Also, keep in mind that you will want to purchase an appropriately sized seat for the child.

3. Personalized baby photo book

Every parent loves to have pictures of their children from day one until they are all grown up. Keep this in mind when shopping for gifts, and try to add something special that other parents would not think to give themselves. One way to do this is by creating a personalized photo book filled with images from different periods throughout your child’s life. You can get these made at many office supply stores or online through services. The hardcover binding ensures that it will remain a treasured possession long after the pages within become dog-eared.

4. Baby bibs

Babies are messy, and it is a parent’s job to make sure that they look presentable at all times. This includes covering them with numerous layers of cloth, or cotton, to protect their clothes during mealtimes. Bibs are an essential part of every household with toddlers, and new parents would likely be thrilled to receive one as a gift (especially if it has the child’s name on it). Since these babies are going to be using them for a couple of years, new parents may want to consider getting ones that are made to last. Not only would this save money in the long run, but it would also give mom or dad more time to concentrate on other things besides laundry.

5. Diaper Cake

When you have a brand new baby at home, it is important to have everything that they will need on hand. This includes dozens of diapers, bottles, pacifiers, and even wet wipes. If your budget allows for it, why not supplement some of these things with a diaper cake? If this is something new to you, it is an edible arrangement made out of diapers, which looks beautiful and can be eaten by the baby later on. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Baby gifts can be hard to come up with, especially if you have a baby of your own. Keep in mind that most parents will appreciate anything that they can use daily, and each of the options listed here is perfect for someone who is expecting.





Jeff Campbell