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Good Reasons to Never Neglect Yourself and Your Well-being

The regularity of family life, in some cases, can soon turn into a source of discontent and boredom for many people, especially for those parents who clearly feel that they have not yet found full fulfillment.

With the whirling rhythms of home and family life, divided between various work commitments, social entertainment opportunities, and various child-related activities, the risk of losing oneself and one’s personality is very high indeed, especially for all those who have not adequately prepared themselves for this kind of existence shared with their family.

The most risky aspect, for all such people, is to turn into a kind of industrious, smiling automaton, mechanically performing their daily gestures without feeling anything anymore, without experiencing the slightest emotion, as if the purpose of their existence was to continue working and scrambling to keep their family’s standard of living intact, without any more thought for themselves and their personal satisfaction.

In the course of this process, many people have completely lost their way, forever giving up their original interests and transforming year after year into people completely different from before, much less interested in their own well-being and completely focused on the existences of other members of their family.

A difficult coexistence

Very often it is precisely the existence of a family that saves many people from poor, uncomfortable living conditions, from lives full of excess and depression, essentially empty.

But fathers and mothers, regardless of their economic and personal situation, still have the sacrosanct right to continue to keep intact their interests, their passions, those little habits that for a lifetime have been able to make them happy, and which they would not want to give up for anything in the world.

Taking care of all this, in the final analysis, means taking a personal interest in one’s own well-being, in strengthening one’s own personality even in front of one’s children, who in this way will benefit from the example of a parent who is perfectly in control of himself and his own destiny. Neglecting oneself to please others is never a good idea, of that there can be no doubt.

Each of us should carve out hours to devote only to ourselves, possibly alone, to immerse ourselves as much as possible in all those passions and interests that have helped define our personality, and which should never be abandoned. If you feel sad or dissatisfied, even if on the surface your family life is perfectly happy, it means that it is time to change something.

You must look in the mirror and voluntarily decide to start having more respect for yourself, regardless of everything else. To achieve this goal, you can follow what we will call the twelve-diamond rule. If you do not have a passion or interest to indulge in, set a goal of discovering a new one every month for an entire year.

In this way you will be able to put yourself back into the game, through twelve new interests or pastimes to indulge in completely, for a few hours a week, without taking precious time away from your family commitments. You will not only feel like you are reborn, but it will be like having re-established contact with the innermost part of yourself, the same part from which feelings of well-being originate.

Twelve passions

The twelve new passions should be extremely exciting, not too difficult to try and easily accessible from anywhere and at any time, even from home. What is essential is that you indulge in them wholeheartedly, without feeling guilty if you occasionally take a few moments just for yourself and your own enjoyment.

When you start devoting a few hours a week to your passions, to what you enjoy, you will immediately begin to feel better, and life will take on a completely different tone and flavor.

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Taking better care of oneself and one’s needs, even in terms of entertainment, means heading at a fast pace toward the conquest of one’s well-being.

Jeff Campbell