4 Dad-Approved Grilling Tricks to Level Up Your BBQ Party

Dads are commonly the ones who handle and take the obligation of the grilling whenever there are outdoor activities, BBQ parties, and more. Since it’s a cooking process that’s quite demanding and requires a lot of effort and strength, they are the ideal ones to handle it more effectively and get it done in no time seamlessly.

Thus, if you’re just new to the grilling game and planning to host a BBQ party, you’re just in the right article. On this very page, grilling tricks that are dad-approved will be provided in complete detail to further guide you on how you can achieve perfect and authentic grilled dishes that would impress your guests at your party. Continue reading to learn more.

  1. Choose the right kind of grill. 

It all starts with choosing and using the right kind of equipment to help you achieve perfectly grilled dishes. You’ll need to be very specific on this one as there will surely be a lot of choices to choose from, such as pellet grills and charcoal grills. The most common are the gas grills since it’s more effective in providing authentic grilled taste. Thus, many dads out there select excellent gas grill options as their main tool for grilling perfection.

  1. Learn the reverse sear.

If you’re new to this, you might haven’t heard this before. Well, it may sound so professional, but actually, it isn’t as complicated as it may sound. This technique will enable you to prevent your meat from overcooking. Instead, you’ll be able to achieve perfectly grilled and seared meat on both sides. This will totally prevent your meat from tasting burnt and having a wooden texture.

  1. Don’t pre-season. 

This applies mostly to grilled patties. If you’re planning to include one on your menu, which most dads do, put in mind that pre-seasoning your patty will only dissolve meat proteins that will cause the patty’s texture to be too springy. You wouldn’t want that kind of texture on your meat, right? The best thing to do is to mold the patty first before you season it with whatever flavor you want it to achieve.

  1. Use a thermometer. 

The guessing game is not recommended when you’re grilling because you’ll either end up with an undercooked or overcooked meal. Of course, this isn’t ideal, especially when you’re hosting a party. Thus, don’t disregard and underestimate the power of a thermometer, as it will be one of your main tools to achieve perfectly grilled meat. Each type of meat has its own specific and recommended temperature, and that is how you’ll know if it’s ready or not. Moreover, always have your thermometer with you when grilling to avoid making mistakes that might get your food wasted.

Final Words 

There are still lots of techniques and hacks out there that you can apply. These four are just the basic ones that you’ll need when you’re just starting out. These may be very basic, but these are the most essential ones, so it would be best to consider these things to make your dad proud.


Jeff Campbell