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How Effective Are Light Therapy Face Masks

Light therapy has recently become really popular among people due to a surprising development in this technology. In fact, it has brought a revolution in the world of therapies with the manifold benefits light therapy offers. Even though light therapy has been around for quite some time, its numerous benefits have come to light recently.

Light therapy can help with many different issues such as skin problems, sleeping problems, pains, injuries, mental health problems, etc. You can easily go through light therapy by using a light therapy device at your home. And among various types of light therapy devices, face masks are one of the vital ones.

LED masks or light therapy masks give off a robotic look, that will make you think that’s some serious technology out there. Feels like those masks are straight out of some science fiction movie.

But serious or not, this technology promises to help you with your skin, and deal with different skin conditions. These devices are mainly worn on top of the face, and then they radiate a strong light on the face to help it deal with different conditions. Your face might go through different issues such as acne, rosacea, etc., and face masks promise to help you deal with them.

However, no matter how firm and grave these devices look, you might still ask the question, how effective are light therapy face masks? This article will answer the question for you.

How Face Masks Work On Your Skin

The light therapy face masks work by emitting light of different wavelengths that can penetrate your skin in order to trigger changes within the skin on a cellular level.

The light is strong enough to reach the very cells of your face, and then generate important hormones and chemical reactions there, which can help to deal with various issues at hand.  Even though mostly red light is used, each color of light works differently on the face by generating different reactions and working on different issues.

Red Light, for instance, has been designed in order to increase circulation and to also stimulate collagen.

This makes this particular variety of light the perfect thing that can fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When there is a loss of collagen, which happens due to aging and also due to damage from the sun, it can seriously contribute to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the skin of a person.

For instance, blue light works by targeting the bacteria responsible for causing acne. This type of light has the ability to stop the cycle of breakouts resulting from acne. Red light can help with wrinkles, spots, rosacea, psoriasis, etc. different problems.

These two varieties of colors, red and blue, happen to be the two most common and most popular colors that are used in the face mask.

There are also other masks that are available in the market which make use of additional lights such as yellow light to reduce redness of the skin, and green light to reduce pigmentation.

How Effective Are Light Masks

The pieces of research that have been done so far on LED or light therapy face masks are all centered around the lights that were used. If you were to make your decision based solely on these research papers, then yes, light therapy face masks can be very effective for your skin.

Many pieces of research have shown that this type of device is particularly effective in improving the areas around the eyes that have been affected by wrinkles.

It also works to soothe inflammation and redness, while deeper shades penetrate the skin further to prompt cellular repair and circulation.

And in terms of acne, researchers were able to determine that the use of light therapy face masks was effective in reducing the blemishes that come with acne by about 46 to 76 percent after you go through a treatment period of about 4 to 12 weeks.

However, the research so far conducted on blue light shows that the results can be inconclusive when it comes to the ability to clear skin.

Research has also proven that light therapy face masks can effectively treat a variety of other skin concerns with notable success when it comes to increasing collagen production. Moreover, amber-colored light therapy is also common among face masks and they work to revitalize the skin, reduce swelling and boost your skin’s radiance.

And that’s not all. The benefits of light therapy go well beyond the skin’s surface. In fact, light therapy treatments have been applauded for improving mental health, too.

Both research and user feedback suggest that a short period of time spent under light therapy face masks can dramatically boost your serotonin levels, which in turn will lift your mood, spirits and reduce stress levels. And all these benefits and effectiveness of light therapy face masks might be really tempting, right?

Are The Face Masks Safe?

Most experts agree that light therapy face masks are safe, as they’re non-invasive and don’t emit UV light. So, as long as you follow the instructions, protect your eyes, use them for the recommended amounts of time only.

Final Words

Along with treating different conditions, light therapy face masks can easily be incorporated into your regular beautification routine along with different cosmetic products too.

This gadget can work to make your skin smooth, and help in other aspects too. Just make sure to use it, maintaining all the rules and restrictions, and for specific uses.

Jeff Campbell