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How To Ash A Cigar

For many people, smoking is a passion despite its harmful effects. Many people smoke cigarettes just for fun and to show off. This is quite common, especially in teenagers and children. By looking at the stigma surrounding smoking, many people tend to judge you.

But there is a difference when it comes to cigars. This is not a common activity. Many people are not able to enjoy a cigar, simply because they do not know how to do so. But this is a fantastic activity that can yield quite a bit of benefits in your social life and quite likely, in your mental health, as well. So, if you’ve purchased a few cigars, a lighter and an ashtray dedicated to your cigars, then read on to learn about ashing your cigar correctly!

The Practical Aspect of Ashing A Cigar

If you are a cigar smoker then it’s no doubt that you know how to correctly light a cigar, however when it comes to ashing it, few people know how to do so correctly.

This article will highlight the best ways to ash a cigar. Whether you want to save the cigar for later or just want to ash the cigar without damagin, the following are steps to ash your cigar.

  • Don’t ash your cigar after every second. Rather wait for the ash to be an inch or more than an inch long.
  • Take two or three puffs until the ash is an inch or more than an inch long.
  • After your ash is an inch long, tap the back portion of your cigar twice or thrice to ash it.
  • There is no need to bang your cigar in the ashtray or deform the shape of your cigar. Just a tap or two will ash your cigar.
  • If it doesn’t come off after a few taps then continue to smoke the cigar until it does.

Why Ashing Your Cigar Is Important?

You must have seen people ash their cigars after one or two smokes. If they don’t, the ash falls itself. But we wonder why making ash from your cigar is so important. There are many reasons why making ash for your cigar is important. Firstly, if you don’t ash your cigar, you make your cigarette devoid of its flavor. This is because the cigar is burning, and hence, the taste of the cigar is also changing.

In addition, it is important to ash one inch or more of your cigar because it helps maintain the cooler and steadier airflow over the body of it. Failure to ash your cigar will lead to a burning effect in your mouth and your fingers which hold the cigar. Hence, always ash your cigar when it has ash of about one inch or more.

Moreover, it is important to ash your cigar because failure to do so produces stronger and heavier smoke. This is not only dangerous for the smoker but is also dangerous for the inhaler sitting nearby. We all are aware of how active as well as passive smoking is harmful. Hence, it would help if you always ashed your cigar appropriately.


Conclusively, it is important to ash your cigars in order to savor the flavor and to increase the burn time of your cigar. So whether you are a newcomer to the cigar World or a seasoned aficionado, learn how to ash your cigars and enhance your overall smoking experience.



Jeff Campbell