How to Get More Views on YouTube

Some might compare it to a certain kind of exhibitionism but we all have to face the reality here. YouTube is first and foremost about being viewed by others. That’s the whole point. So in a sense, we can claim that the platform is an altruistic one. Whenever you create and upload a video, you do it essentially for an audience. One of the factors determining your success is the number of views your videos get. But how do you achieve that? The following tips might be of help.

Buy YouTube Views

Let’s start with this one. When you buy YouTube views from InstaFollowers, what you get is not only a shortcut. On the contrary, you sign up for a long-term strategy. Provided you buy your views from a reliable source, this is a way to start the game with a noticeable advantage. Imagine even some random people running into your YouTube channel and videos. If they see that you already have a considerable number of views, they are more likely to show interest in your content. It’s in fact a matter of perception. The number of views you have serves as an indicator of popularity. It’s like telling people that you own material that is worth watching.

You can buy different amounts of YouTube views at your convenience and depending on your budget. If you want to start slow, you can go for a package of 100. If you rather want faster results, then packages with several thousands of views would suit you better. It’s all up to you. Take the time to examine the different options and see what fits your project.

Propose Valuable Content

Now that you have bought YouTube views, you want to sustain your efforts. Let’s be honest. If you have plenty of views but poor content, this will look suspicious. So treat each of your videos as a matter of life and death or as if it was your ultimate masterpiece. No need to roll eyes because this is just how things work (and should work). Make high-quality videos that people will want to watch over and over again. Offering interesting and valuable content is one of the most efficient ways to create loyalty. Not to mention how helpful it is likely to be for your overall marketing strategy, even outside of YouTube.

Master YouTube SEO and Presentation Techniques

Yes, good old SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very present on YouTube as well. Because YouTube itself works pretty much as a search engine. Most people are typing specific words on its search bar before accessing videos. So you need to optimize your content by complementing it with the right keywords. Same principle wit when it comes to your titles, descriptions, and tags. The latter might not be visible to laymen YouTube users. Nevertheless, they are of paramount importance for YouTube algorithms. Don’t forget that your goal is to rank as high as possible in the platform’s search queries. The more easily accessible is your content, the more views you have the chance to get.

Don’t neglect the presentational elements either. For example, make use of top-right-corner-cards. Those come in handy when you are aiming for further engagement from your target audience. You redirect them to another content of yours (or – why not – of another creator) discreetly, without ruining their watching experience. The same goes for end screens. Those work extremely well too, especially when it comes to prolonging interactions between your channel and your viewers. When people watch several of your videos in a row, they may become more willing to subscribe to your channel.

YouTube player

Opt for Coherence

Diversity is a good thing… at the right dose. Even if you propose several topics within your channel, make sure that your videos remain related to one another. Your audience should be able to recognize your ‘personality’ throughout all your videos. Creating series or playlists (of related videos!) is also a smart way to offer such continuity. People can move on from one of your videos to the other effortlessly and with a feeling of coherence. 


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