How to Practice Marijuana Safety in the Family Home

With marijuana for recreational use now being decriminalized in many states and other parts of the world, you might be eager to explore it for yourself. After all, you’re no longer breaking the law by using cannabis to relax and have fun. 

However, having marijuana in your family home may make you feel nervous. You might be worried about children and pets accessing it or playing with related accessories. Fortunately, you have options for ensuring your home is still a safe environment with cannabis present. You might like to make some of these changes below: 

Store Them Securely 

Cannabis products and accessories like grinders, borosilicate glass bongs, and storage tins are certainly more convenient to use if they’re within easy reach. Still, you have to consider who else lives with you. 

If you have pets, children, or vulnerable members of society, you may be able to keep them safer by securing all cannabis and accessories out of reach. You might decide to keep everything together in a lock box or safe with a pin code or keep your goods up high, out of sight, and out of reach. Both approaches together may also offer much-needed peace of mind.

Educate Your Family 

Children and young teens can be curious about cannabis when they don’t know what it is and what it’s used for. Their curiosity might lead them to explore it in secret without knowing the repercussions.

That’s why education can be so important. When your children are of an appropriate age for discussions about drugs like cannabis, sit them down for a chat. Inform them of what cannabis is, what it’s used for, its side effects, and how it can be dangerous for young people.

Talk to them about the laws surrounding cannabis use and how you can use it because you’re an adult and can prioritize safety. When children are informed about cannabis, it’s not a household secret, and they may be less likely to learn about it in an unsafe way. 

Don’t Use It Around Your Family

If you’re the sole cannabis user in your household, create boundaries for yourself around its use. For example, you might have a rule not to smoke it or consume edibles around your children. Alternatively, you might designate an outdoor ‘smoking area’ for yourself and other users in your household. 

Take Care of Waste Carefully

Even when you’re trying to reduce waste and be more environmentally friendly, you’ll likely still have cannabis waste. Product packaging can often be unavoidable. Due to the nature of what was in that packaging, be careful with how you dispose of your cannabis waste. Consider investing in lockable trash bins or securing all cannabis waste until trash day. You may then prevent accidental exposure from curious pets and children! 

Know What to Do in an Emergency

No matter how many measures you put in place to keep your cannabis out of reach of children and pets, accidents happen. Knowing how to respond to such accidents may make all the difference.

Have a plan in place for accidental exposure, like calling emergency services or having a number for an emergency vet. Hospitalization can also often be required for children who have consumed cannabis products. 

Cannabis legalization doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prioritize safety. Put these measures in place to keep your family home safe when you participate in cannabis use. 


Jeff Campbell

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