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How to Write a Strong Argumentative Essay

Toulmin model

The Toulmin model is a formula for writing an argumentative essay. While this method can help write my essay a solid argument, it cannot apply to all ideas. Specifically, it does not apply to non-linear disputes outside the traditional Western rhetorical tradition. In addition, it only considers logical arguments.

The Toulmin model is best used when you need to unravel complicated issues and provide definitive rebuttals. This model includes a thesis statement, supporting evidence, and counterarguments. This method is often used in persuasive essays to dismantle opposing points of view.

Rogerian model

Rogerian arguments are structured to help reach a compromise or a common ground. They help a writer move beyond a win-lose mentality. This structure helps deal with controversial opinions because it forces the writer to confront opposing ideas and views. In this way, a Rogerian argument can be persuasive even when the subject matter is complex or controversial.

Developing a solid Rogerian argument requires you to determine the theme and choose your angle carefully. Avoid misinterpretations or personal assaults. It would be best if you also avoided biased opinions. The best way to do this is to research and read several opposing viewpoints.

Traditional format

The traditional format for an essay is comprised of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction provides the main idea or thesis statement. The body paragraphs support the thesis with evidence and reasoning. Finally, the conclusion sums up the main points and restates the thesis.

A traditional argumentative essay follows a basic outline. It usually consists of an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The preceding paragraph provides background information about the topic and a hook to grab the reader’s attention. In the body paragraphs, writers should support their claims and discuss different points of view. Using relevant facts, citing sources, and considering all sides of the topic are some of the best ways to create an engaging essay.

A strong argumentative essay writer must have a thesis statement. This statement contains a formal message that explains your point of view. It must be backed up with thorough research to ensure it is well-supported. If there is an opposing view, you should be able to refute it with credible evidence.

Counterargument section

When writing a solid argumentative essay, a counterargument section is a necessary component. This part of the essay will challenge the other side of an argument and prove that your paper has been thoroughly considered. Counterarguments are helpful because they allow readers to see both sides of an idea.

A reasonable counterargument will incorporate data or evidence to disprove the opposite side of an argument. However, carefully questioning the data used in the counterargument is essential. For example, it is necessary to point out when the data used is misrepresented or outdated.

Rebuttal section

When writing a rebuttal section for an argumentative essay, it is essential to provide background information to the reader so they can understand both sides of the argument. It is not necessary to state each point you want to address in the rebuttal, but you should give a general stance on the topic and make clear that your viewpoint is different than the other side’s.

The rebuttal part of the essay must show the reader that you have understood the opposing argument and can effectively counter it. This is accomplished by carefully reading the opposite side’s claim and looking for flaws in their claims.


The structure of a solid argumentative essay should be composed of several vital elements. The first step is the introduction paragraph, which should explain the topic and establish the article’s purpose. It should also provide background information to help readers understand the argument. Similarly, the essay’s body should include convincing examples and a conclusion that looks into the future of the topic.

A traditional argumentative essay is usually divided into three parts, each presenting a specific point and a different type of evidence. However, it is not always necessary to follow this structure. For example, the best argumentative essays may only make one point, while some pieces may need several. Nevertheless, knowing the design of each part will make the writing process easier and more efficient. this blog is place where you will find answer for all questions about essay.



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