6 Steps to Improve Your Amazon Sales Rank

All products on Amazon are ranked by Best Sellers Rank (BSR). This is an indicator of how well a product is selling on the platform. A high BSR allows you to bring the product to the TOP of search results and, accordingly, increase the number of sales. Using SageSeller’s tools and software for Amazon sellers, you can conduct profit analytics, monitor your profitability key performance indicators, monitor returns and refunds, and much more.

Principles of Successful Work Flow

Focus on strategies for getting higher organic rankings as this increases the likelihood of your product converting into sales, and it is an important factor in profitability. There is nothing unusual in determining the conversion rate on Amazon as elsewhere in e-commerce, this is the ratio of the number of orders to the number of visits to your listing (product page).

Amazon’s search algorithm (also known as A9) ranks products on search result pages based on their organic ranking. Amazon is showing customers products that they will buy. The more relevant your description keywords to a specific customer’s search query are, the higher your chances of getting on the first page of search results. Higher-rated products appear at the top of the page, while lower-rated products move down the page.

If the conversion rate of your listing is higher than that of your competitors, this will increase the chances of your product getting to the TOP of search results thanks to the mechanics of using Amazon selling software.

Simple Ways to Increase Your BSR and Sales

  1. Use FBA. This service from Amazon allows you to significantly save your time without wasting it on the delivery of goods. You just need to pack the product and send it to the Amazon warehouse. SageSeller’s Amazon FBA software helps you automatically control your finances, calculate your real profit, and improve your Amazon Sales Rank.
  2. Buyers visit Amazon to find a quality product that will satisfy their needs. If you offer them such a product, your sales will grow.
  3. Availability of goods. Make sure that your product is always available. If the product is out of stock, the buyer does not buy it quickly, and, as a result, the product does not compete with other items in the category since there is no product, which means there are no sales.
  4. Optimize your title. Titles and descriptions of your products are some of the most important parts of an effective Amazon listing. They should interest both buyers and A9 with clues about the relevance of your product. When writing your headline, put your most important keywords at the top so buyers know right away what you are selling. This will help you to significantly increase the position of your store in search and the number of sales.
  5. Pricing policy. Amazon is a mediocre marketplace with fierce competition across all categories and sections. To confidently maintain your position in this confrontation, you need to sell your goods at competitive prices. Even if your profit drops slightly after the price drop, in the long run, it will bring more clients.
  6. It is an equally important and valuable way to increase the Amazon Sales Rank calculated for the result in the future. If every product purchased in your store is accompanied by positive reviews, the confidence of new potential buyers in your product will be higher. The more good reviews on the product card, the better the product will sell.

The key to a high ranking on Amazon is your product’s relevance, conversion rate, and sales. With a fully streamlined business process with SageSeller’s Amazon seller tools and competitive pricing, you will rise to a higher rank.

Jeff Campbell