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Job Search Trends in 2021: What Do Employees Like to Do the Most?

Sooner or later, everyone thinks about choosing a future profession. It is good when the interest and talent in a certain business emerge from childhood and, choosing education after school, the child clearly understands what specialization is needed. But this is not always the case.

Teenagers and their parents begin to analyze professions for potential wages, demand, learning difficulties. They analyze colleges and universities where it is possible to master the selected profile. Many also worry about where to get a resume done professionally. We are glad to inform you that for this, you just need to visit the best resume writing service for any help with resume writing, editing and proofreading.

We recommend everyone who stands in the way of choosing the main type of activity pay attention to the most popular professions in 2021.

Impact of the Pandemic on the Employment Market 

It is obvious to everyone that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world labor market. Quarantine for economic activities was the impetus for positive changes and reformatting the way of doing business using the latest techniques and technologies. As a result, professions that are more adapted to young people and with minimal skills can be easily mastered in the labor market.

Acquisition of competencies in the field of online technologies and mastering the processes of digitalization is in demand. So, today we see that there is a demand for web developers, programmers, game developers, analysts in the field of computer technology and information security. New professions in the field of IT include the following:

  • The architect of the Internet of Things (home appliances that are connected to the Internet, “smart home”);
  • The architect of virtual reality;
  • Designer of neuro interfaces;
  • Avatar designer;
  • Tester of new technologies, etc.

Therefore, in the conditions of constant technological changes, many new professions appear in the labor market. Businesses are already trying to integrate these professions into their activity to make it more efficient. To get a good job, you need to write a quality resume and cover letter and show your best side. The cover letter editing service will help you with this.

Professions that Are in Demand in the Modern Labor Market 

After analyzing the trends in the world market and the demand for online resume writing services, we have identified the most popular areas of activity and professions in 2021. Consider their description below.

Sales Area

Work in this field will always be in demand because you can sell anything: from clothes to real estate. During the pandemic, the number of offers of remote work among vacancies increased, which makes the profession more universal and stable. Of course, employers are looking for employees with work experience in sales jobs and an available customer base. But in the market, you can often find vacancies with the opportunity to study. Vacancies are offered around the world.

Thus, it will be easy to find a job if you have the necessary knowledge and skills.

The most popular professions in the field of sales: sales manager, customer service manager, supervisor. The average salary is approximately $ 3500-8700.

IT Sphere

At the height of the pandemic, most business and informal communications took place on the Internet. Competent IT professionals are needed to create and maintain the technologies that enable this communication. According to professional LinkedIn profile writers, over the past year, the world’s hiring of engineering jobs has grown by 25%. A huge advantage for employees in the field of information technology is advanced technical English, which increases the chances of professionals to find a job.

The most popular professions in the IT field: web developer, Full Stack Engineer, Frontend Developer, QA-engineer, PHP-programmer, game developer. The average salary is about $ 6500-8700.

Sphere of Medicine

There is no sense in talking about the importance of the profession of a doctor and other health professionals. Obviously, each of us has repeatedly sought medical help. The coronavirus pandemic has provoked an even greater demand for medical and pharmaceutical workers. People have become increasingly concerned about health. They visit doctors more often, buy masks and antiviral drugs. After all, to go abroad and for many other purposes, people are required to do PCR tests on Covid-19 in special laboratories.

It should be noted that in today’s world, a doctor must not only know the anatomy and be able to prescribe a competent treatment plan but also work seamlessly on a computer and speak professional English. It is also not superfluous to understand the promotion of a brand on social networks and a personal website.

The most popular professions: dentist, cosmetologist, surgeon, family doctor, pharmacist, pharmacist, certified nurse, practicing nurse. The average salary is about $ 6000-24000.

Production and Working Specialties

The demand for representatives of working professions is explained by their shortage in the labor market. Both in pre-quarantine times and now, young people do not want to engage in manual labor and choose to work in the office. Meanwhile, very often, wages and social packages in plants and factories are even better than lawyers, economists, or travel agents have. Especially if the production company is owned by a foreign owner, who makes stricter safety requirements and pays well, another advantage of working professions is that various enterprises are located both in large cities and in small settlements. Anyone can get resume writing assistance and find a good job.

The most popular professions: seamstress, tiler, plumber, electrician, locksmith, car mechanic, builder. The average salary is $ 3500-5500.


Work in the field of logistics is not just the delivery of goods from one point to another. During such delivery, many factors should be considered. They include a way and time of delivery, development of a route, the search of options of reduction of financial expenses for transportation, storage of products, and so on. All logistics professions are in high demand since the trade and market relations are developing very rapidly.

The most popular professions: driver, logistics manager, foreign trade manager, storekeeper, courier. The average salary is $ 3500-4700.

The labor market today is rapidly changing, and each of the subjects should be ready for these changes. When choosing a job, top resume writers recommend taking into account the demand for the profession in the labor market, the level of earnings, career prospects, the requirements of an employer, etc.


Amanda Lancaster is a PR manager who works with 1resumewritingservice. She is also known as a content creator. Amanda has been providing resume writing services since 2014.



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