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How To Keep Your Driveway Safe

We can often believe our homes to be a perfect bastion of safety because thinking in any other capacity can be quite worrying and unsettling, to say the least. That being said, in order to improve our home safety, we have to tailor and improve it from time to time. Keeping our driveways safe is perhaps one of the most important measures we can take.

This is because it’s the only part of our property that will regularly be a conduit for vehicles, at least that’s how things are supposed to work. This can seem like a relatively benign space, but you would be surprised just how much personal or property harm can come about when it is lacking in maintenance.

What follows is a list of advice to ensure that this first entrance to your home is as safe and cared for as can be, because you deserve nothing less. With the following advice, you’ll see just why that’s the case. Please, consider the following:

A Small Sign

It’s important to consider how signage can truly deter anyone from coming onto your property. This is especially true in rural areas.

You can have custom signs made on sites like to meet your needs.

For example, you may be tired of drivers using your driveway to turn around when they make a wrong turn. You know that it’s convenient for them, but this is your property, and having additional unexpected cars pull into your driveway may not be the safest thing possible.

A large ‘beware of the dog’ sign, a sign that politely asks for no turning or no trespassing will all suggest that you have measures in place to prevent someone from using your property in a manner you do not appreciate.

A small sign here can be very cheap, easy to install, will barely add much in the way of a visual change, but can serve as a polite and firm warning to prevent people from seeing your property as something of use to them.

This may also be true in unique cases. For example, if living by a stadium with poor parking, odds are cars will find many residential areas nearby to place their vehicles for free. This is where signage can prevent your property, or your exit driveway from being abused.

Good Driveway Repair

It’s impossible to secure your driveway carefully without it being in good condition.

Your time spent walking on it, driving on it and pulling out of it each day will become a little more dangerous than it needs to be without this taken care of. 

Thankfully, Decorative Concrete can provide you with excellent driveway repair while also allowing you to apply your own visual style to your driveway, using textured materials to provide the most beautiful space possible.

This is the next step in driveway maintenance, with a proven track record that ensures a great fit every single time. When you have this catered to, most of your driveway maintenance work is complete.

We would also suggest the use of a bordering wall to prevent people from driving onto your grass (where you may be gardening or your children may be playing with you) as well as using a fence or gate to keep your driveway entrance secure.  However, you may also wish to pay mind to:

Winter Protection

Winter is important to consider because it provides the most risk to your driveway safety in terms of how you interact with it.

This can also be further pronounced if your driveway is on a steep curve or slope. Black ice or ice, in general, can cause this area to be very slippery, and if your car brakes do not work on the ice (which is common) you’re going to be in trouble.

Protective bollards in front of the house may help against a worst-case scenario, but the use of grit, of using water to help dispel the ice before doing that and purchasing shoes with tractions or outright deep grip can help you manage this environment when necessary. 

Additionally, keeping your vehicle in a garage space can help free it up from the worst of the cold, as can leaving the vehicle running for ten minutes before you hope to leave can heat the driveway and restore some of the damage.

We would also recommend inspecting your driveway before and after this season passes because the freezing and thawing of materials can leave its mark over time.

With this advice, you are certain to keep your driveway as safe as possible.

Jeff Campbell