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15 Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

Digital technology seems to open a lot of opportunities to modern people, from shopping to remote working to starting an online business. Seemingly, earning money online is becoming increasingly popular, especially during this time of pandemic when everybody has a fear of contracting the virus in physical workplaces.

There are plenty of legitimate ways to generate income online. Some of these will be discussed further below.

  • Answering Online Surveys 

Companies need honest feedback from consumers to improve their products and services. And one way to know what consumers think is by conducting poll surveys. There are many surveying websites, such as GrabPoints and similar sites, that reward consumers for answering a wide range of survey questions, from consumerism and education to social, environmental, and business-related topics. You could earn an average of US$3 to US$5 for every survey answered. 

Here are some advantages of answering online surveys:

  • You get to speak your mind.
  • You get paid with real cash or reward points.
  • It’s fast and easy to do.
  • It promotes consumer empowerment.
  • Selling Old Stuff

You could sell almost anything online nowadays. The marketplace provides a great avenue for first-time sellers to sell their old stuff, like clothes, toys, books, gadgets, household decors, handmade items, appliances, and even cars. 

You may price your items 50% to 70% less than their original value. One of the trending types of online selling includes live streaming in social media, wherein you could sell retail items in front of other social media users on their wall. 

Check out the following steps for selling old items online:

  • Create an account or register.
  • Read selling basics.
  • Agree to terms and conditions. 
  • List the items with easy-to-understand and detailed descriptions.
  • Crowdsourcing 

Do you have a knack for testing gadgets or technology? If yes, then you could make extra money by participating in crowdsourcing platforms. A crowdsourcing company invites people to sign up and work as testers. Crowdsourcing companies usually pay US$1 to US$5 per error found.

Here’s how it works:

  • Crowdsourcing platforms invite registered members to participate in using a new app or software before mass launch.
  • As a tester, you’d be asked to download and use the app so you could test it for reliability, speed, accuracy, and other relevant parameters. Testers document their observations on a form or dashboard, such as loading issues, error messages, and misspelled words.
  • You’d need to find as many errors as possible to get paid higher. Crowdsourcing companies pay testers for a certain number and based on the complexity of the error found. 
  • Copywriting

If you have a passion for writing and marketing, copywriting would be highly recommended for you. Copywriting is a type of content marketing technique, wherein the writer focuses on creating compelling pieces for sales and marketing purposes. 

Copywriters seem to be in demand these days because online sellers or e-commerce entrepreneurs need them to produce web content and emails that can drive consumers to buy their products and avail their services. 

Take a quick look at the job description of a copywriter to have an idea of the job’s requirements:

  • Writes clear, appealing copies with a distinct voice
  • Edits and proofreads copies
  • Collaborates with marketing professionals, designers, and press release (PR) teams to attain successful marketing projects, such as landing pages and email campaigns 
  • Maximizes copy’s reach by using SEO principles
  • Sources images, videos, audio files, and other content
  • Conducts research and interviews
  • Web Content Writing

If you want to earn while writing, blogging and guest posting are likely the job for you. You’d find job boards online where you could register and create your writer portfolio, submit resumes and proposals, and contact potential employers.

You could make writing as full-time remote work by sending your letter of intent to digital marketing agencies. You could earn US$50 to US$200 per written article. The different types of web content you could write include the following:

  • Blogs
  • Press releases
  • Product descriptions
  • Scripts for videos 
  • Audio file scripts
  • Emails 
  • Social media posts 
  • Managing Social Media

Social media marketing provides many online job opportunities for those who want to make a good income even just by staying at home. One is being a social media manager, where you’d be responsible for maintaining company information, brand promotions, and marketing campaigns for clients.

You must be knowledgeable and skilled in social media advertising to fit this job, which could be achieved by taking short courses. 

Senior social media managers monitor, direct, and evaluate social media activities. They communicate with clients and create social advertising campaign plans. You could earn an average of US$58,388 a year as a senior social media manager.

Here are some of the top skills you need to possess to become a social media manager:

  • A strategic planner
  • Has a creative mindset 
  • Possesses creative writing skills 
  • Well versed in the latest digital marketing trends
  • Working As A Broker

A broker refers to an individual or firm that arranges business transactions for a commission upon the completion of the deal. As a broker, you could act as a buyer or seller on behalf of your client. 

You can work as an online broker for various business niches, such as real estate, stocks, car dealerships, and foreign exchange. You could earn a decent commission by becoming a bridge for businesses, buyers and sellers, and other stakeholders.

There are many types of online brokers. The four main types are as follows:

  • Real estate broker
  • Auto transport broker
  • Shipping broker
  • Insurance broker
  • Graphic Designing 

One of the most-sought freelancing jobs today appears to be graphic designing.

With the advancement of digital technology, graphic design artists now have plenty of online tools such as, which makes the job highly suitable for a work-from-home setup.

Graphic designers create logos, web pages, brochures, advertisements, and other forms of visual communications. They aim to convey messages in an aesthetically pleasing and effective manner. 

Graphic design projects can be part-time, contractual, or full-time. The average salary for graphic designers in the US is US$17.97 per hour.

You could make extra cash by becoming any of the following:

  • Web designer
  • T-shirt designer
  • Company logo designer 
  • Social media ads designer 
  • Product catalog designer
  • Being A Consultant

Are you a retiree? If yes, you could still use your extensive knowledge and skills by offering consultancy services. You may submit your letter of intent to relevant companies suitable for your expertise.

You can become a part-time consultant, such as a legal consultant, sales consultant, marketing consultant, or education consultant. Enjoy teaching students, employees, and managers to become at their best while getting paid. 

  • Being A Fitness Trainer 

If you like to find fitness-related online work, you could be a fitness trainer. You could conduct live fitness training or record your training sessions and sell them per subscription through video digital media channels.

You could be a personal trainer for stay-at-home parents, senior citizens, or pregnant women. You can choose your specialization and promote your services through social media marketing and video marketing. It’s also a good idea to ask your family and friends to refer you to people so you could easily get your first clients. 

Should you decide to train in a gym, using gym software systems can make the flow of your business more efficient and convenient for you and your clients.

  • Couponing

Online couponing is finding and collecting discount codes or vouchers online. Using digital discount codes, you could purchase items at a certain discount. Also, you could even sell your coupons to your family and friends to generate some money. 

  • Coaching

Are you a graduate of psychology? Or do you think your life experiences are sufficient to make you a life, dating, or love coach? Some people take coaching as an income source. If you’re considering becoming a coach, you may gain clients initially through referrals. 

  • Teaching

Teaching is a noble job, even in the online world. The current health crisis has brought changes in the education sector, which are believed to be permanent changes in the new normal or after COVID-19. 

Despite the rise of electronic books or e-books, e-learning machines, and other innovative learning technologies, it seems human teachers are still most sought. You could teach subject matters you’re confident and knowledgeable about, such as physics, geometry, or English and other languages.

Online teachers are usually paid per hour. 

  • Offering Digital Products And Services

Everything appears to be digital now, so why not make good money out of it? You can do it using Amazon to make money.

You can do it using Amazon to make money. You could offer digital products and services like the following:

  • Selling e-books
  • Assisting with college research works
  • Virtual assistant services 
  • Offering online courses for woodworking, sewing, or cooking

And of course, if you are selling software or online services, you may find you need to [protect yourself with an end-user license agreement. Create your own easily and in minutes with this outstanding EULA generator.

  • Gaming

Are you one of the many online video gamers of the younger generations? Gaming is fun but at the same time could be a business too. A great video gamer could be a coin or point generator in live game-streaming activities on social media and other online platforms. You could also work as a game app tester and get paid for every error you find, like crowdsourcing. 

Other ways to generate quick money with gaming include the following:

  • Selling online gaming coins, armory, or jewels
  • Selling your gaming account 
  • Helping others win their game by playing for them using their accounts


You could earn a decent amount of money by considering any of the above legitimate online freelancing tasks and jobs.

You could easily make money online by choosing something you’re passionate about and interested in pursuing. Starting online part-time work could provide you extra earnings from your regular day job.

Later on, you might even find an online job fulfilling and choose to do it full time, like being a web content writer or an English teacher. 


Jeff Campbell