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Top 4 Ways to Make Money Online Without Investments

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Most of the labor on the Internet is related to freelancing. Freelancing is a mechanism, the essence of which is free hiring: a worker takes an order and performs a certain amount of work. The freelancer’s salary is piecework – it depends on how many projects he has done. Freelancing is common among programmers, web designers, copywriters, and consultants.

The advantages of working online:

  • The possibility of not having to leave home. You can get a good night’s sleep and sit down at the computer with a cup of hot brewed coffee.
  • No pressure from superiors.
  • A wide choice of jobs.

The main disadvantage is probably the risk of becoming a victim of fraud or laziness. Let’s look at where in 2022 on the Internet to make money without investment and risk. Finding decent resources is not easy – the Internet is full of viruses, and fake domains, which will mislead the unsophisticated freelancer. So here is our list.

Marketing in social networks

With the development of competition, a company promotes itself: makes advertising, promotes on social networks, and builds name websites. SMM-manager helps him by promoting the company on Facebook groups, Instagram, and other resources. His task is to reach as many people as possible, to interest them in the offer. This can be done by creating a thematic group with links to products and services and adding content, articles, jokes, and surveys. The specialist should create a positive image of the company and neutralize the negative.

An SMM manager finds clients through an acquaintance or advertisements. The company pays him monthly if the campaign is successful and the influx of customers is tangible. To make good money, an SMM specialist takes on several companies at once. Anyone can learn social media marketing, even if the city does not offer training in social media marketing.


Those wishing to make money from advertising can be divided into two groups:

  • The owners of websites and blogs;
  • Users who do not have their resources.

Here, the ways of earning and the amount of profit are radically different. Webmasters and bloggers get money by placing ads on their sites. This can be an ordinary entry in a Facebook group or a viral video. Profits depend on the promotion, traffic to the group or site, and the type of advertising. The Facebook group with an audience of 2 million people will earn at times more than little-known, nobody sees the site. The owner of the site seeks advertisers himself. He can place on the page of the site a phone number for cooperation or give an ad.

The most accessible type of earnings on your resource – is contextual advertising. This is an advertisement, selected according to the subject of the site and the interests of the user (site visitor). Placed in the form of text links and media banners in the issuance of search queries, and targeting.

YouTube Channel

Making money online without investment in 2022 is easy by creating your own YouTube channel.  The average earnings on YouTube are $1-2$ for 1000 video views, so the more videos and subscribers you have, the more you can earn. The work is quite time-consuming, it takes time, but over time it pays for the labor.

Focus groups

Paid surveys contain various questions about services, goods, services, and so on. New York, Las Vegas or Greensboro focus groups allow you to determine the demand for a particular product and find out what characteristics consumers think the product should have for it to be in demand and sell well.

Surveys are organized by special agencies that work with large companies that want to know the opinions of consumers who are willing to spend a little time and get a small fee for it.

Jeff Campbell