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How to Make Your Casino More Popular than Competitors’

If you operate a casino like Vulkan Bet, prepare yourself for competition. There was a time when there were only a dozen online casinos. Today, there are thousands accessible to any player around the world. So, how do you make your casino more popular than your competitors? ‘

Below are some tips from ZAR Casino South Africa that can help you in your marketing efforts.

1. Provide Generous Bonuses

The one thing that online casino players cannot do without is a bonus. Although bonuses are a staple in the online casino industry, there is an opportunity to make your bonuses more attractive.

Here are some tips:

  • Offer a big amount of money when people sign up
  • Offer a huge match bonus
  • Reduce the wagering requirement
  • Increase the withdrawable money from the bonus winnings.

Players do not like bonuses where winning cash is close to impossible. Make it attractive, but also make it realistic. For example, do not ask the player to meet a 40x wagering requirement in three days. What you can do is extend three days to seven days or more.

In addition, you can also make the bonus recurring. It is why many casinos offer cashback on a regular basis. Players who can expect regular bonuses will certainly have no reason to say something bad about your casino. Instead, they will become your advocates.

2. Offer Special VIP Programs

Casino players, especially the high-rollers and the loyal ones, want to receive perks for their repeat business. As such, you must give them a reason to promote your casino to their friends.

A loyalty bonus is meaningless if you just give away umbrellas or mugs. What people value is money. The more money they get, the more they are likely to tell their friends about your casino.

Just like the bonus, you must offer a generous loyalty program. Most loyalty programs offer a point system where the player gets points for money they wagered.

Our advice is that you do the same but make it more lucrative than other casinos offer. Give the players more money from their loyalty points, yet also ensure that you do not go bankrupt if they ever win using the bonus money.

Give a lot, but then ensure that you did your statistical analysis correctly and that you set reasonable limits.

3. Hire Models for Endorsement

Many people gamble and build a massive following. For example, you can work with the best poker players like Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, and many others to endorse your casino.

If they endorse your casino, even if you do not offer live poker, their followers will certainly test your casino and the games you have to offer.

A product endorsement by a celebrity is the fastest way to make your product popular. Of course, it also means you will have to spend a lot of money. However, you must consider this as a commercial investment.

4. Make the Casino Accessible

Your casino will only become popular if people can access it. Sure, you have to work legally and make it accessible to your jurisdiction only.

Accessibility does not always mean you should have new clients in the regions where you can operate your casino. What if they have no money or if they are unsure? Reluctance is a natural behavior, and it is understandable why some people hesitate to join a casino online.

Even so, you can make your casino accessible without the target customer having to spend real cash. Let them create a free account, and make sure that all your games, except the live dealer ones, have a demo version.

5. Create an Affiliate Program

The last suggestion we have is to offer an affiliate program. Here, you will work with marketers who will promote your casino. You will give them an affiliate link, which allows you to track who made a sale.

If your affiliate made a sale, you must pay him a commission. Of course, affiliate marketers will not promote your product if you only pay pennies. Pay them a huge amount of money so they have a reason to promote your casino over your competitors. It does not even have to be a recurring payment.

The casino industry has become too competitive. Land-based casinos are still hard to penetrate as they require millions, if not billions of dollars, in capital expenses. Online, however, is easy. As such, online casinos and sports betting sites pop up like mushrooms.

To get ahead of the game, you must offer something of value to your consumers. Even if bonuses are a common thing, it is the value that players look into. If it is worth their time and money, they will surely endorse your casino, making your brand more popular.

Jeff Campbell