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7 Marketing Strategies for a Small Medical Practice

Modern technology has revolutionized everything and has become a crucial part of all industries’ growth, including medical practices. Every minute, people search the web to gain factual information about their health and well-being, especially when they need to find relevant solutions to medical issues.

73% of web users search the internet for various health information even before consulting a healthcare specialist. This figure represents the demand for hospitals, practices, and doctors to take time and be part of the digital movement. 

How To Effective Market A Medical Practice

It’s high time to establish your digital presence to safeguard your spot in the medical industry. Gaining widespread exposure provides future stability and growth. Furthermore, several marketing strategies are suitable for medical practices that offer increased conversion and while establishing your online presence. 

With plenty of data available on the web, most patients rely on this information to identify their case without the need to walk into your clinic. However, this should not discourage startup medical practices. With these proven and effective marketing tactics, you’ll soon expect queuing of patients walking to your clinic in no time. 

Regardless of whether you’re satisfied with your current patient volume, marketing is vital. This helps you reach out to new clients or increase the number of your returning patients. Planned medical marketing tactics will keep your brand at the top of potential patients’ minds.

A recent survey showcases the need for an effective medical marketing strategy. Out of 10,000 physicians, only 18% of those have rated their financial status for the medical practice that they offer as profitable and healthy. This means 82% of these doctors do not have a good paycheck to support their practice. 

As a startup medical practice, you’ll need to test the water first before you jump right through it. Marketing your medical practice is not promoting; while it plays a vital role, the approaches are different. Marketing involves:

  • Client/patients support
  • Market research
  • Community involvement
  • Media planning
  • Public relations
  • Effective advertising

Here’s what to expect with marketing a medical practice: 

  • It’s a continuous process. Ensure that your marketing efforts are highly adaptable to the ever-growing and challenging industry.
  • It’s an investment. For instance, you don’t just place fertility exercise videos on your homepage and wait for potential patients to walk your clinic. You’ll need to address various issues women face to understand them further and build your authority.
  • Requires clinical excellence to prove your claims.
  • It’s a relationship between the doctor and patients. 

What Are The Most Effective Medical Marketing Strategies That Works?

Below are the seven most influential media and marketing strategies for practices and doctors that are proving effective to increase salaries and profits: 

Video Marketing

Video content is one of the most effective marketing strategies that should be integrated with your efforts to boost digital presence, build stronger brand awareness, lead generation, and increase conversion rate. Videos are easy to digest and a powerful way to convey your message to your target audience.

Every day, there are over 5 million viewers who regularly watch videos on YouTube. If you can get a portion of that digit to watch a video related to your practice, you’ll have a higher chance to generate new patients in your practice. Video contents are the pivotal component of medical practice’s awareness or research. 

Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones are versatile and probably the most used device around the globe. 70% of people rely on their smartphones to function appropriately with their daily responsibilities. Phones are not only used to check emails, call loved ones, or send a message.

Being mobile-savvy gives you an edge over what technology can offer with your life. Mobile marketing allows you to reach your target audience fast and efficiently. Click-through campaigns improve your site performance and spread awareness of your medical practice. This also helps strengthen your digital presence.

Targeted Email Campaigns

60% of healthcare providers and doctors prefer to communicate with their target audience or patient via email compared to personal visits, phone calls, or direct mails. 

Email marketing allows you to generate healthy leads, improve conversion and acquire new patients. Optimizing emails that are mobile responsive increases your conversion rate by 200%. 

Paid Advertising

Doctors are pretty busy even to handle and focus on marketing their practice or building their digital presence. PPC or paid advertising campaigns are cost-effective and time-efficient for gaining more referrals, patients, or practice recognition.

One of its advantages is that you can control your marketing budget by setting up your preferred maximum spend. This varies with your marketing tactics, and the process alone is highly recommended and effective. 

Referral and Social Media Marketing

40% of potential patients will choose a physician based on their online reputation. That is why it’s vital to build your digital presence and be accessible online. Online forums that are related to your practice can build your reputation. Referrals are also a powerful marketing strategy to increase your profit.

There are 85% of patients who gladly walk into a clinic that was referred by a family, friend, or colleague. Social media marketing is another way to boost your online credibility and engage with potential patients. 


Being on top search results for Google has a massive impact on your website, thus increasing your profit and percentage of acquiring new patients. Search engines are the handiest, sophisticated, and powerful tool to gather almost any information online. 

Google and other search engines help people find what they need. For instance, if you’ll search for a specific doctor near you, expect a populated result of the highly-ranked medical specialists located in your area. Implementing SEO on your blog post or website can help generate organic traffic that contributes to the stability and credibility of your medical practice. For more in-depth explanation of how good SEO helps with your business, visit this page.

Emotionally-Compelling Media

Technology may have invaded 90% of our lives, indeed a fact, but old-school tactics still work sometimes. Everyone has their distinctive preference, which consumes both online and offline advertising. 85% of patients use multiple resources when they research a specific topic. 

While digital marketing has proven its efficacy, offline marketing is, at some point, still works for several patients, especially those who are used to watching the news, receiving mails, and reading newspapers. 

Final Words

With plenty of marketing strategies for startups, the bottom line is that one will fit well and efficiently grow your practice and provide stability. Building a solid digital presence is crucial and proven effective. Different approaches allow you to choose the best marketing tactics for your unique needs.


Jeff Campbell