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Most Popular Washing Machines In The World

Are you asking yourself sometimes how the washing machine as we know it came to be? From washboards to rudimentary automatic machines to today’s sophisticated models?

Let us talk about how it came to be shortly. Washing machines has been around longer than you’d think. This very helpful and time-saving household appliance first appeared in the 1760s while the modern version of this appliance first came out in 1908.

The automatic washing machine paved the way to women’s freedom from household chores and eventually led to paving the way for women’s rights. And it was also said that washing machines are one of the best labor-saving technologies the world has since it does not decrease employment.

In this generation we are now, it is tough to deal without washing machines since all of us have hectic schedules at work or even just at home with the other household chores.

The use of a washing machine eliminates the time and effort needed to wash all your family member’s clothes. You can just start the cycle and throw all the clothes together with the detergent in. With hand washing, you must use physical effort to get the clothes clean and scrub forcefully to remove stains and dirt.  Indeed, a washing machine is a huge time saver over hand washing. You do not have to sit and monitor the washing process.

You can load your clothes in the machine, start the cycle and have your tea or coffee. You can carry out another household chore and then return to your machine to hang clothes to dry or put them in the dryer.

Seeing piles of dirty shirts, socks, and pants, makes all of us frantic.

A big thanks to those who invented and modified washing machines, they made us save time and effort. Picking a washing machine could be burdensome but when it comes to comparing modern washing machines, the front loaders are the best since they provide a more thorough and vigorous wash, use less energy and less water.

They are also kinder on the clothes. Nonetheless, even though they save a lot of time and are efficient, just like any other technological and electrical appliances, the modern washing machines are likely to break down.

They, therefore, need maintenance from time to time. You may also opt in for these quick tips on how to repair washers. This includes replacing the water horses, cleaning the machine and adding a drip pan beneath the machine.

Now the question is how will you choose the best washing machine to buy?

Here’s our top picks for the best washing machines:

  • Best Overall Washing Machine: LG WM4000HWA
  • Best at Removing Stains: Electrolux EFLS627UTT
  • Best Budget Washing Machine: Samsung WF45T6000AW
  • Best Washer-Dryer Combo: LG WashTower
  • Best for Large Families: LG WM9000HVA
  • Best Top-Load Washing Machine: LG WT7800CW
  • Largest Capacity: Samsung WV60M9900AV
  • Most Affordable Top-Loader: GE GTW720BSNWS
  • Best Portable Washing Machine: BLACK+DECKER BPWM09W
  • Best-Looking Washer: Samsung WF45R6300AC
  • Best for Small Spaces: Bosch WAT28400UC 300 Series

It may be hard for you to choose the right one but don’t worry, all of them will help you wash the clothes!


Jeff Campbell