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9 Best New Year Gifts for Employees You Need This Season

Bosses – Thinking about New Year gifts for employees this season?

The New Year signifies new beginnings. It gives us all an opportunity to have a fresh start. To try and achieve our goals, both professional and personal, in the coming year. It goes without saying that for bosses, it’s also a time for New Year gifts for employees. Such gifts are not only a token of appreciation, but also a great way to motivate employees and keep them engaged in the workplace.

A lot of companies gift something or the other to their employees on the occasion just to wish them a great start to the year.

However, it can be pretty difficult to choose the right corporate gifts for your employees. In this article, we have come up with a list of great gift ideas. One that you should strongly consider when you are shopping for New Year gifts for employees. 

For instance, one unique idea is to create custom lanyards for your employees. And the good news is, you don’t have to go to a physical store to do this. You can easily do it online from the comfort of your office. 

Sites like 4inlanyards offer a wide range of customizable lanyards that you can choose from. You can personalize each lanyards with your employees’ names or even your company logo.

by Anaya Shastri, edited by Jeff Campbell

1. Field Trip/ Group Activity

A Group activity is one of the best ways to keep your employees happy. It also makes sure that they are working together to achieve common goals. However, the main goal in a field trip is to have fun and relax.

But when we put the drudgeries of work aside and just come together as individuals, something magic can happen.

It becomes the perfect time for the employees to connect with each and form a bond. True teamwork and camaraderie can also help to foster a more positive and friendly atmosphere at work.

In short, a happier & more connected team is a more productive team.

2. Books


Books are pretty safe when it comes to New Year gifts for employees. You will definitely not go wrong with this.

You simply send out a form to ask people the name of one book which they would enjoy reading. Buy the books and gift them by the end of the year. In case you present this as a surprise then they will definitely remember you fondly.

When asking though, consider alternatives to traditional print books such as Kindle editions and audio books. These formats may eventually eclipse the traditional format and grow every year in popularity.

Rather surprise them with a book? Check out the 100 Best Selling Books on Amazon!

3. Portable Power Bank

These days most people find it impossible to stay without their phones even for a minute. And let’s be honest. The way most of us use our phones, we have to have a way to charge them during the day.

You can gift a portable power bank to your employees during New Year. It is an extremely useful device that will definitely come in handy at the crucial time when the phone battery is about to run out.

Most employees are sure to appreciate this thoughtful gift. It will bring a smile to their faces as they will be able to recharge their phone wherever and whenever they want.

The #1 customer rated power bank on Amazon is the SINGB 24000mAh. With over 176 reviews, it still comes in with 5 stars.

Universally compatible with almost any electronic device; Apple, Android, and others. You can’t go wrong with this one. And at well under $40, it won’t break the bank either.

4. Coffee Gift Card


There are employees who like spending a significant amount of their money on coffee.  Let’s be honest. Almost all of us enjoy splurging at Starbucks and other coffee shops. But many of us feel guilty for the money we spend at these places.

Hence, it is a good gesture to offer a coffee gift card as corporate gifts for employees. With this, the next time they visit their favorite coffee shop, they will be able to tell them that it is on you!

For Starbucks Gift Cards, you can select from a $25 Starbucks Gift Card, a 4-pack of $10 Starbucks Gift Cards or any other amount you need!

5. Gift Baskets

When it comes to something delicious, great smelling or sweet, no one can say no.

Want to keep the employees happy? Send out a gift basket from BloomingBox. There is an extensive range to choose from: personalized chocolates, snacks, bath products and more.

Another good thing about the gift basket is that they will be able to share it with the family members and friends. Moreover, you can add a customized ‘Thank You’ card to each basket.

Here is the highest rated Bath Bomb Gift Basket on Amazon from GloryBe

Then we have a Holiday Gift Basket of Deluxe Roasted Nuts that is 5 stars on Amazon with over 4,200 reviews!

But whatever basket you choose for your New Year gifts for employees, it’s sure to please!


6. Company Branded Clothing

Everyone likes flaunting the company that they are working for!

Thus, you can give your employees hoodies, tees, scarves, or windcheaters. Let the employees wear this on the New Year’s Day celebration or even sometimes when you have an office event.

Already sell your branded clothing? Consider having your screen printer do something special or custom to let your employees really stand out!

7. A Subscription or Membership

Another thoughtful gift idea can be a subscription or membership that would help your employees to further pursue their interests.

For example, this could be a subscription to a travel magazine if you know that is where their interest lies. If you think your employees are health conscious then you could also give them a gym membership as a gift.

If a full membership is not in your budget you could also set up a system where your employees can avail of discounts. That would also be much appreciated. Another option to consider is offering a Health Savings Account (HSA) through your HSA administrator. By offering an HSA, you can provide a valuable benefit to your employees while also helping them manage their healthcare costs more effectively.

8. Tickets/Gift Certificates


Sometimes the best New Year gifts for employees is an experience.

An interesting idea for employee gifts could be a gift certificate that gets them a luxurious spa treatment or a ticket to an acclaimed performance. This would certainly be a wonderful New Year’s gift for them.

After all, we all appreciate something which is a little out of the ordinary and breaks the monotony of our everyday routine.

9. Pens

Although not used as much these days a pen is still a powerful symbol.

It represents learning and knowledge. And every working professional still likes to carry one. You can also choose a beautiful pen or pen set as a gift for New Year’s for your employees.

Choose a good brand that represents quality. You can also choose to have them engraved with names of individual employees for an added special touch.

Want to know the highest rated pen on Amazon? It’s the CAPLIN ROSE GOLD FOUNTAIN PEN, made with natural handcrafted wine rosewood. Available with Prime shipping and under $20 bucks!

A thoughtful New Year gifts for employees is a great way to appreciate those who work for you. Think of all the hard work they put in for the company all throughout the year.

If you put some thought into the gift it is sure to be appreciated. Not only will it be a happy start to the year for them. But it will also motivate your employees to put in their best efforts for the company and see even great success in the coming year!

The author of this post, Anaya Shastri is a Blogger & Adventure enthusiast who contributes to many blogs.

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