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7 Pet-Friendly Houseplants to Grow Indoors

Most home gardeners love plants that easily transition from their yards into their homes. If you’ve got a green thumb outdoors, you know it’s even easier to keep indoor plants thriving than in a garden. However, one difference between our garden plants and our indoor plants is that we must ensure the safety of curious pets inside regarding what we grow. It’s easy to contain a garden through raised beds and fencing, but when you’re decorating with plants indoors, you’ll want the peace of mind knowing they’re not toxic to your furry family members. Keep reading to learn about houseplants that are beneficial to you and pet-friendly.

Spider Plants

You may know the Spider Plant as the Ribbon Plant, but both names are accurate for their long, dangling leaves. The Spider Plant is beautiful hanging in a basket or trailing down the side of a bookshelf. Spider Plants are very popular and can be easily found when you’re looking for indoor houseplants for sale online. These plants are easy to propagate as they quickly form new “baby” plants that can be removed and replanted. If you love giving your fresh fruits and veggies from your garden to friends, try your hand at propagating Spider Plants to give them.

Boston Ferns

While it takes a bit of gardening know-how to keep a Boston Fern alive, these beautiful plants are some of the best air-purifying indoor plants around. The Boston Fern grows rather large and bushy and is prone to drying out quickly. They prefer a humid environment, so the Boston Fern is a great addition if you have room in your bathroom or any other area of the home that gets steamy.

Gerbera Daisy

The Gerbera Daisy is a welcome bloom indoors if you enjoy vibrant flowers in your outdoor garden. These plants can grow to over two feet tall and can bloom any time of year. The blooms are vibrant in color and last between four to six weeks. Who doesn’t want a burst of beautiful color in the dead of winter? This pet-friendly plant can give it to you!

American Rubber Plant

When looking for house plants for sale, most people don’t think of plants that will grow to ten feet tall, but the American Rubber Plant can. Another thing that distinguishes this house plant is its thick, blunt leaves. While indoor American Rubber plants can reach 10 feet in height, if you live in the right climate, you could transfer them outdoors, where they can reach over 100 feet in height! Like most houseplants, they will grow as much as their container allows, so if you want maximum growth, remember to re-pot them as necessary.

Parlor Palm

The Parlor Palm has been a popular indoor plant for a long time due to its easy care. The Parlor Palm thrives in a low-light environment, making them an ideal addition to your bedroom or dining room. They aren’t fussy about the type or quality of soil needed, and when it comes to watering, they are prone to overwatering, so you can forget about them, and they’ll still be okay. The best part is that they’re safe to have around your children and pets and are magnificently beautiful.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus may be easy to find around the holidays, but they’re beautiful and celebrated houseplants year-round. It does take a bit of a green thumb to get them to bloom, but their bright, vibrant blooms are worth getting to know your plant and taking great care of them. The Christmas Cactus can grow quite large as you re-pot them and produce flowers in various shades.

African Violets

Another pet-friendly blooming indoor plant that makes a lovely addition to a windowsill or kitchen table is the African Violet. The African Violet is one of the easiest houseplants to grow, and they also flower with little to no effort. Their beautiful purple blooms are a cheerful addition to any home. They require attention and care, but this plant is great at letting you know what they need and recovering beautifully once they’ve received it.

Indoor plants are a beautiful way to show your love and commitment to gardening inside your home. While it’s easy to have fresh flowers in the home in the spring and summer, houseplants provide natural beauty year-round. If you’ve been searching for the perfect indoor houseplants you can trust around your pets, consider adopting several of the above-mentioned plants. Now get growing!


Jeff Campbell