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Garden Pool Safety Tips For Your Family

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If you have been able to make room for a swimming pool in your garden, then great! Not only will you and your family have hours of fun making a splash during the warmer weather, but your pool will also afford you all the opportunity of staying fit and healthy. 

However, as wonderful as the addition of a swimming pool is, it is not without its dangers. As you will understand, safety is paramount, so in this article, we will give you a few tips for the better protection of your family. 

#1: Implement a few rules

For the sake of your children’s safety, a few rules would not go amiss.

So, you might instruct them not to use the pool unless there is an adult around to supervise, for example, and you might want to implement a no-running rule around the poolside. If your kids enjoy a bit of rough and tumble play, you might want to remind them to do so away from the swimming pool.

And there are common-sense rules you could implement, such as no diving in the shallow end. Find a place to stick up the rules if you need to, and remove pool privileges if anybody (even the adults) decide to break them.

#2: Light it up!

There is little chance of your family members accidentally falling into the pool in the daytime, but when visibility is reduced at night, an accident could happen.

For this reason, it is worth investing in a few LED lights, whether you attach them near the pool area or in other parts of the garden where overall visibility can be increased.

LED lights of the waterproof variety can be sourced at LE, so visit their store, or check out other suppliers in your area. 

#3: Install a fence around your pool

Another way to avoid a nighttime tumble is to install a fence around the pool.

However, it is also worth installing a fence to ensure your children aren’t tempted to use the pool without supervision in the daytime.

So long as it is over their head height (5ft is a good starting point), and provided it has a lockable gate, there will be little chance of your children gaining access to the pool without your permission.

#4: Buy an underwater swimming pool alarm system

If your kids (or your next-door neighbors) decide to take a late-night dip, you will quickly be alerted if you have an alarm system fitted into your pool. You will also be alerted should somebody accidentally fall in.

Consider the purchase a necessary one then, as the sooner you know somebody is in your pool, the sooner you will be able to get them out, especially if they need your aid. 

#5: Inspect your drain covers

There have been instances of people drowning because of the suction pressure of underwater drains.

Safety standards for drain covers have now been put in place in public pools, and the guidance given is that they should be properly fitted and rounded in design.

The same standards should also apply to residential pools, so check your drain covers regularly, and if there are any cracks in the cover or if there are any screws missing, then you need to get it repaired by a professional.

You might also want to seek professional advice if you haven’t yet installed a pool in your garden, but are thinking of the option. 

Swimming pools offer hours of fun for all the family, but care does need to be taken. Heed our suggestions, and then look for other safety advice elsewhere online. 

Jeff Campbell