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Tips For Saving Money On A Stunning Portuguese Golf Holiday

Are you thinking about a golf holiday in Portugal but want to do so on a budget? These tips are here to help.

Renting Clubs To Save Time And Money

One of the best ways to save some time and money and enjoy your Portuguese vacation a little more is to rent your golf clubs when there

When you bring your golf clubs abroad, you can expect to pay excess baggage fees as well as the possibility of your clubs being lost, stolen or damaged.

Prices start at just €15.00 for a full day’s use, this is going to save an incredible amount of money and possible frustration while on vacation.

Many local businesses offer the highest standards in clubs and can have them delivered directly to your hotel or the airport. This is going to help save you money, time and effort, allowing more time for golf. This makes renting clubs a true win-win scenario for you!

A Potential Saving Of Over £100

Saving on Green Fees

A site such as Algarve Fun have the ability to offer you some of the most favourable rates on green fees throughout Spain due to the many relationships with have formed with various partners.

In addition, they can save you even more money by booking your tee time at a less popular time of the day. By simply booking your time either earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon, can help you save a significant amount of savings. Also keep in mind that those times tend to be a bit cooler, making your golfing much more enjoyable.

Booking Your Hotel In Advance For Superior Discounts

The vast majority of hotels in Portuguese love to books rooms as early as possible and are willing to offer incredible discounts to help you save even more money. Professional businesses such as Algarve Fun work with many hotels that offer discounts when 8 people or more are booked.

By simply gathering a group of golf-loving friends and booking early, it is possible to save big money!

Purchasing A Course Planner Or The Use Of A Golf GPS

While you may not consider this to be a big money saver, it actually is. By purchasing a golf GPS or course planner, you will have the ability to help manage your courses as well as increased confidence while addressing the golf ball, this is also going to help minimize the number of lost golf balls as you will know in advance the distance to each hazard.

This perk is going to keep your golf ball supply full!

No Need For A Fancy 5 Star Hotel.

You are coming to the gorgeous Morgado golf courses to play some great golf. While here, you will be enjoying the warm sunshine as well as the sights of the area. There simply is no sense in paying for a five-star resort if you have little intention of spending much time there.

By choosing a 3-star resort, you are going to save even more money.

In fact, potential savings are £200+

Local Eats

If you choose a self-catering golf package or even a select bed and breakfast, this is a good option.

As you walk around town, always be on the lookout for a sign that reads, ‘Menu del dia’. This simply translates to menu of the day and it is how many locals eat in Portuguese. A menu del dia will offer three courses as well as drinks all for the starting price of just 5.95 euros per person. This is an incredible value for a delicious three-course meal that is going to help anyone with the desire to save while on holiday in Portugual.

This has the ability to offer a savings of £10+ per day.

Jeff Campbell