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What Can You Do As A Student To Prevent Drug Abuse?

One might not realize it, but a person’s student life is one of the most exciting phases he would encounter in his lifetime. But, despite its immense positive impact, a student’s school life also has its fair share of negative possibilities. Drug abuse is by far the biggest and scariest one of them. A lot of students resort to drugs when things get tough for them.

As a way of preventing more of this from happening, we have listed down some simple ways you can do, as a student, to prevent yourself from experiencing a severe life-damaging cycle.

Do not be afraid to seek support

The main reason why people commit to drugs is because of their inability to seek comfort from people and places they spend most of their time. They don’t have someone to talk to about their troubles. Not even one person could genuinely understand them.

That is why the primary thing to do to keep yourself away from a vicious cycle is to have a solid and positive support system, to seek help as early as possible. 

May it be with your guidance counselor or a more specialized option like a rehabilitation center. If you’re someone that currently struggles with early signs of addiction, we recommend the Banbury Lodge Recovery.

They are part of the UK Addiction Treatment Group (UKAT) and offer quality treatment for their patients with their competent programs and trained staff.

You will find a place, perhaps a person, you’ll feel complete belongingness to one way or another. All of us will. Don’t hesitate to seek guidance.

Surround yourself with the right peers

Your chosen circle of friends has such a significant impact on your overall student life. From the choices you make inside the classroom to the places you prefer going outside.

When surrounded by people who fancy doing unhealthy behaviors, such as drugs, he will most likely adapt to these actions in fear of getting left out or called names. If you notice that your friends keep on forcing you to commit things you’re uncomfortable with, you have to reassess the type of people you have in your life. 

It’s also not simple to break out from a poisonous friendship you’ve become accustomed to.

It takes courage to turn your back on those who you thought would bring something extraordinary into your life. However, to end a harmful cycle, you must make decisions. Surround yourself with individuals who will not force you to choose between a better life and a life surrounded by “friends.” You can easily have both if you’re on the right track.

Discover new hobbies and spend your free time enhancing them

The more you spend your free time with productive things, the less time you have to even think about developing unhealthy habits. As a student, you’re still young. You have many potentials, a lot of passions to discover, and a lot of time to realize these dreams you have developed.

While you still can, try to focus on honing your abilities and seeking new things that will help you cope with the stress. 

You’re too young to sabotage a future that could be so bright. Try playing a new sport, start doing artsy stuff, open a book you have always wanted to read. Practice actions that are healthy for yourself.

We all had a phase in our lives where we wanted to “fit in” or act all “cool” and “tough,” but you have to know that doing drugs is the opposite of Being “cool”; it is the polar opposite of “fitting in,” and it delivers nothing but suffering in life. You might have tried it out of curiosity or as a means of escape from reality.

Either way, you’ll end up regretting it, especially when things get tough and you discover how it has taken a toll on your overall well-being. So, students, keep away from drugs and live a healthier, happier life.


Jeff Campbell