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How Quitting Drinking Makes You More Productive at Work

You’ve probably come across people that claim to use alcohol to enhance productivity. Some artists even say that their work quality improves when they have one or two drinks per day. But, alcohol has a resounding, negative impact on the ability of an individual to get anything done promptly. Alcohol consumption can lower productivity significantly regardless of the family history, gender, or occupation of an individual.

Alcohol and partying go together. Whether it is whiskey, wine, or beer, alcohol is mostly associated with partying. And, no matter how old a person gets, they always encounter alcohol.

Unfortunately, some people start with one drink per day, two drinks per day, and before they know it, they are struggling with alcoholism. This affects their productivity at work due to regular hangovers. Some even lose their jobs due to declining productivity as a result of alcoholism.

If you think you have a drinking problem, quitting alcohol can make you more productive at work. 

Although drinking is not easy to quit, calling AddictionResource alcoholic helpline can mark the beginning of your recovery journey. The representative of this toll-free number will give you all the information and assistance you need to start your recovery process.

These professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in helping people struggling with different addictions. Your conversation with the representative that will answer your call will remain confidential.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about having other people know about your drinking problem when you make this call. So, if you have a drinking problem, consider making that call to enhance your productivity. Here are some of the ways quitting drinking will make you more productive at work.

The 5 am Miracle

Alcohol produces tiredness that kills off any activity you may want to engage in early in the morning. Thus, you can’t wake up at 5 am and do something when your mind is fresh.

Alcohol can also wipe out your motivation to do anything. When hangovers rule your life, you end up with many goals and dreams that you don’t have energy or time for. You no longer prioritize what matters in your life. Instead, you find excuses for not doing what you are supposed to do at work. For instance, you can say you are too tired to complete an assignment at work.

This can lead to piling up of work and uncompleted assignments on your desk.

Whether you are a business person or an employee, you have to quit drinking if you want to be more productive at work, beat competitors, or win a promotion.

It’s only after you quit drinking that you can focus on accomplishing the goals you have in mind because your productivity levels will improve. If you need help to quit drinking, call an alcoholism hotline immediately.

Increased Energy Levels

Heavy alcohol consumption affects the energy level in the day that follows. A person with hangovers can either be less productive or unable to work at all. If you are an entrepreneur, it’s important to align your most productive work hours with your lifestyle. Most entrepreneurs are hurt whenever they lose time especially if it’s spent trying to cure a hangover.

For somebody that wants to be more productive at work, drinking is a luxury they can’t afford. Drinking and partying as a student is one thing and consuming alcohol as a businessman or an employee is something completely different.

Quality Sleep

Research has shown that sleep is extremely important for human health. Unfortunately, many people are already struggling to have quality sleep. Alcohol consumption affects the ability of the body to get into the deep, restorative sleep stages.

A major misconception that people have is that alcohol makes blocking out disruption easier thereby making individuals fall asleep faster. Many people, therefore, take nightcap drinks without knowing that these lead to an interrupted, fitful sleep cycle.

To be more productive at work, you need quality sleep to allow your body and mind time to relax and rejuvenate. Quitting drinking is one of the best ways to ensure that you always get quality sleep. Avoiding alcohol before going to bed is a sure way to improve your rest at night. If you are already having difficulties trying to sleep and you need help to quit, call the alcoholism hotline number.

Improved Health

Heavy alcohol consumption is associated with many health issues.

In some cases, excessive alcohol consumption can lead a person to the dialysis equipment. Alcohol consumption is associated with high blood pressure, depression, and cardiovascular diseases. These illnesses can have a significant impact on your drive at work.

Alcohol consumption can also cause anemia. That’s because alcohol can limit the functionality of your blood cells. Most regular drinkers struggle with chronic tiredness and fatigue. However, they might not realize that these conditions are caused by their drinking. As such, they may not take action like quitting or seeking help to quit.

Mental Issues

Heavy alcohol consumption leads to mental issues that prompt some people to call alcohol help phone numbers. Such issues include impaired memory, slow reaction times, and poor coordination.

No matter what you want to accomplish at work, these mental issues will give you a hard time.

You can’t be productive when struggling to deal with an impaired memory for instance. However, some of these mental issues can wear down after some time if you quit drinking. That’s why you should quit drinking immediately if you want to be more productive at work.

If you are used to drinking several drinks per night, your body is already dependent on alcohol. Sudden cessation will cause uncomfortable alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Depending on your addiction level, withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe or life-threatening. As such, you may need a professional specialist to help you eliminate this dependency gradually. That way, you will regain control over your life safely.

The Bottom Line

It’s not easy to quit drinking if your body is already used to having alcohol every day. However, quitting drinking enables you to wake up early, plan your day and accomplish some tasks when your mind is still fresh.

You also enjoy quality sleep, increased energy levels, and better mental health. All these make you more productive at work. If you have a drinking problem and you need assistance to quit, call a toll-free alcoholism helpline today. 


Jeff Campbell