Easy & Intelligent Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home

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Are you looking to become more sustainable and even become a little more green? If that is the case, a great place to start is where we spend a lot of our time – inside our own homes. This article has listed some good tips that can help you achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.

You might be riding your bike to work instead of using a car, and you might even recycle your trash, but if you want to take your sustainable living to the next level, you can do more without much additional effort. 

The bathroom – aka the sustainability thief

One of the biggest sustainability thieves in our homes is the bathroom. The bathroom is stealing a lot of progress we accomplish elsewhere and thus set us back in terms of our sustainability accomplishments. The bathroom is, for many, the zen place in our homes. It is the place where we spend a lot of our time preparing for the day before going to work and also finishing up when we come home and get ready to go to bed. There are a lot of things we can change in the house and bathroom without compromising our standards. If you want to give your house or bathroom both a sustainable and aesthetical glow-up, consider the best cabinetry to find cabinets and vanities that give your house a new feel. Use this as a reward if you accomplish your personal sustainability goals.

Below are some of our good tips to help you in the house to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Turn off all the taps completely

Suppose you are one of those people that keep the tap water running while you brush your teeth. With a slight turn of a tap, you can make an easy and notable impact on sustainability in your life. The sustainable contribution by simply turning the tap off while you brush your teeth could be enormous. Every minute the tap is running, on average, 6 liters of water is flowing down the sink. Someone who brushes their teeth twice a day for an average of two minutes could potentially save at least 24 liters of water per day.

Use a water-saving toilet system

While being on the route of wasting less water, consider that your toilet could be a significant contributor to water wastage. We use this every day, and it has a big part in our lives even if we do not think about it, especially for bigger families. A water-saving toilet is an ideal green solution for half bathrooms installations making it a terrific solution to cut down on water wastage significantly. 

These toilets use significantly less water than it’s traditional counterparts, which use approximately 5 gallons per flush. The green solution of using water-saving systems uses 1.28 gpf (gallons per flush) and 1 gpf. This equates to 4.8 lpf (liters per flush) and 3.8 respectively. As you can tell this is a worthwhile saving and eco-friendly benefit.

Saniflo has created an eco-friendly above-floor plumbing technology that quickly can be installed without a headache and any major reconstruction. This is an easy option that will help your sustainability efforts every day, and you do not even have to think about it. 

Shower faster

Being in the shower for long periods can be nice, but when you think about how much water is being wasted, it may not be as pleasant. On average, a three-minute shower equals roughly 36 liters of water, but if you instead triple that and shower for almost ten, well, then your water usage climbs to a staggering 120 liters. Showering is essential, but try to keep the time you spend in the shower closer to the minimum and save more water. 


Jeff Campbell