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5 Side Hustles to Boost Your Household Income

The pandemic has unveiled many unpleasant economic truths in the world. With massive layoffs and business closures, people are expanding their income sources. 

Gigs and side hustles are gaining popularity across multiple age groups. Many appreciate the additional income and work flexibility. Thirty-four percent of Americans currently have a side hustle. Thirty-one percent started their gigs and side hustled just last year.

There are many options for side hustles spanning several different industries. You’ll likely find one that aligns with your interests and expertise. If you find yourself having more spare time and would like to earn a little extra, here are seven side hustles you could try.

Online Freelancing

Freelancing covers a lot of different industries. You have bookkeeping, admin work, marketing, graphic design, and writing, among others. You’ll most likely find a gig that matches your skillset.

A wide range of employment options is also available. You can find full-time and part-time jobs or limited-time contracts. 

You can spend a few hours a day working on these gigs, and you also have the opportunity to set your own rates. Some popular platforms for online gigs are Upwork and Fiverr.

With the pandemic pushing people to stay in their homes, many have opted to work online. Even with businesses opening again, many still prefer the comforts of remote work. Visit Daily Prosper to see more side hustles for introverted people.”

Making And Selling Crafts

During the first months of the pandemic, we spent a considerable amount of time indoors. Due to this, many people have tapped into interesting crafts and hobbies. 

This resulted in a surge in economic activity for handicraft businesses. The e-commerce platform Etsy thrived, making $2.69 billion in sales in 2020’s second quarter. Etsy usually hosts small artists and artisans who sell artworks and handicrafts.

This side hustle may be for you if you have an artistic streak. It’s also a great way to get your work out there. You can make money doing something you enjoy–what’s not to love?

Food Delivery

People’s hectic schedules and long restaurant lines aren’t a great mix. It’s great that food delivery apps and services are more accessible nowadays. 

Getting delivery food is excellent, but did you know you can also be at the other end of the app? If you have some free time and a vehicle, delivering for apps like Uber Eats and PostMates is an excellent gig.

The pay is admittedly not that great by itself, but you get to keep any tips you may get. This gig is especially great for big cities with wide restaurant selections and many busy people.

Renting Out

If you have a spare room that isn’t getting much use, why not rent it out? You can rent it out every month for long-term residents or short-term for vacationers. Airbnb is a popular platform for this second option.

It might require some initial work and expenses, but if you market it right, you can get significant returns. This is especially perfect if you live near tourist hotspots or busy cities.


If you have some extra cash, you might want to check out investing in stocks or private companies. It does need you to shell out a bit of money to get started, but this can be a convenient way to earn with the right strategy.

With a bit of studying, you can learn how to make the most out of the money you currently have. You also don’t need to make a lot of effort to make it work. There are also many investment platforms and resources to make the process more accessible.

There are many side hustles, and not one is the same as the other. But, they can all be rewarding in more ways than one. Go out, explore, and find a gig that works for you. Making money doing something you like can still be possible.

Jeff Campbell