10 Stylish and Functional Small Bathroom Design Ideas

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Whether you need to redesign your small bathroom or you have an empty bathroom that you need to design, there are so many ways to enhance spaciousness and functionality. So many bathroom ideas online will only work with sizable bathrooms that can fit large cabinets and a bathtub. However, there are small bathroom ideas that will help you maximize the small bathroom space that you have. When executing small bathroom ideas, you need to create an illusion of space through the patterns and colors you use.

Besides creating the illusion, you need to free up space by using minimalist small bathroom designs.

Bathroom Ideas for Limited Space

With a small bathroom, you might need to focus more on functionality than on aesthetics. However, with the best bathroom design ideas, you can still design your small bathroom to create a lovely space by getting tips for remodeling online.

However, there are small bathroom ideas that will help you maximize the small bathroom space that you have.

Use White-Coloured Elements

White creates the illusion of space. A small bathroom with white walls, white sinks, white countertops, and cabinets will appear larger than they actually are.

However, the lack of color might make your bathroom feel cold and uninviting. As such, you need to add a few colored elements to make the bathroom warm and bold. 

Incorporate a Corner Sink Into Your Bathroom Design

When space in your bathroom is limited, a pedestal sink takes a lot of space and disrupt traffic in your small bathroom.

In this case, you will need to install a sink across from your toilet instead of a sink across from the shower. With a sink located in an awkward position, opening and closing the bathroom door becomes challenging.

Small Bathroom Ideas: Use a Rounded Vanity for Safety

When your bathroom is small, the corners will look sharp, and this can further make your bathroom look small. Corners of your vanity can also get in the way of your bathroom space – so, instead, use a rounded vanity. A rounded vanity will look great in a small square bathroom.

Again, you need to install the vanity high up the wall – make it float. Besides creating an illusion of a large bathroom, a floating vanity will also free up some space making your floor bigger.

Again, you can pick a vanity with a shelf. The vanity shelf can hold a toilet paper basket and towels.

Incorporate Large Patterns Into Your Small Bathroom Designs

Large patterns on the floor or walls of your bathroom will create an impression of large size – it tricks the eye into believing that the room is expanded. To easiest way to have patterns is to use large-sized tiles.

The bathroom will stain remain small, but it will feel large. If you happen to install a small bathroom countertop, pick one with large patterns. You can learn more about what matters for modern bathroom ideas on Caesarstone.

Add Patterns to the Floor, Too

When the floor of your bathroom looks big, the whole bathroom looks big. Add the same large tiles or tiles with large patterns that you use on the walls that should be used on the floor too. The patterns will further enhance the perception of size. 

Use Reflective Surfaces

When you have a small bathroom, one of many bathroom ideas that will work is to use a mirror extended far across the bathroom wall. With a bathroom mirror far across the wall, even a small bathroom becomes easy for two people to share.

You can also use mirrors and reflective surfaces on the walls of the small bathroom. The mirrors will add depth to the small room making it look significantly larger than it is. To add to the reflective surfaces, you can use a metallic sink and shimmering hardware that adds glamor to the mirrored walls. 

Make Use of Vertical Shelving

Instead of a single cabinet that occupies so much floor space, you need to use vertical floating shelves.

Ensure that no cabinet starts from the floor and instead install shelves floating on the wall high off the ground. You can use these shelves to hold towels, toilet paper, soaps, and anything else you need in the bathroom.

Because of the limited space in your bathroom, you cannot have cabinets with doors – this way, small shelves come in handy in saving space.

Natural Lighting

Instead of having a small lamp illuminate your small bathroom, you can open up your bathroom to natural lighting. While natural light doesn’t free up space, it makes the bathroom appear larger than it is. You can ensure natural light gets into your bathroom by installing a large fanlight window.

Instead of installing a shower door, you can have a glass panel that lets in more light ensures the space that would otherwise hold a door takes on another bathroom fixture. 

Floating Sink

A small bathroom design, irrespective of your style, should ensure there is as much floor space as possible. A floating sink frees up floor space making your bathroom look even bigger.

This is one of the small bathroom designs that not only enhance the functionality of your bathroom but also adds beauty. When installed correctly and in balance with other elements in the bathroom, a floating sink looks excellent.

Use Smaller Fixtures

Smaller fixtures are part of the small bathroom design ideas.

If you use small accessories in a large room, the room looks even bigger. This same effect is seen in smaller rooms. Not only do you create an illusion of a larger size, but you also use less space in your small bathroom. Ensure that the small fixtures used in the small bathroom ideas are functional.


While a small bathroom will limit the bathroom design ideas, you can implement, this should not be a reason to install cheap quality materials in your bathroom.

If your small bathroom designs allow you to install a small bathroom countertop, go all the way and install a quartz countertop to not only give more charm to the bathroom but also add value to your home. You can also install other high-end bathroom fixtures such as faucets that enhance the aesthetics of your small bathroom.

Before picking one among many bathroom ideas, browse through various bathroom design ideas to ensure you have the ideal design. 


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