Fun Summer Activities for Toddlers (that are easy to do)

As the sun shines brighter and days get longer, it’s the perfect time to explore summer activities for toddlers.

From splashing around in a DIY backyard splash pad to making homemade ice cream, this blog post is packed with fun, easy-to-do activities.

We’ll cover outdoor activities, art projects, delicious summer treats, and engaging exploration activities that your little ones will love. Whether it’s picking up a paintbrush or embarking on a mini scavenger hunt, each activity promises a world of discovery and enjoyment in the warm summer months.

So, grab your sunscreen and get ready to make unforgettable memories with your toddler this summer!

a child playing in a small backyard pool in the sunshine

At-Home Water Play Ideas for Toddlers

Transforming your home into an engaging water play zone is an enjoyable way to enhance your toddler’s summer activities.

With a few household items, you can create a homemade splash pad using a tarp and garden hose. Adding a twist to kiddie pool fun, consider incorporating empty squirt bottles, cups, and containers to promote learning concepts like pouring and measuring. These water play ideas will not only keep your toddler cool and entertained but also stimulate their learning and creativity.

Remember to always supervise your child during these activities to ensure a fun and safe experience.

a child playing in a small backyard pool

DIY Backyard Splash Pad

Creating memorable summer adventures is easier than you think. For instance, a homemade splash pad is a refreshing change of pace from the usual kiddie pool.

The excitement of water spraying from a punctured tarp will keep your little one entertained for hours. Another creative idea is to make ice cream together.

This can be an amusing culinary adventure where your toddler can choose their favorite flavors and toppings. Regardless of the activity, remember that the goal is to have fun.

Summer is the perfect time to create lasting memories with your toddler, so let the games begin!

Kiddie Pool Fun: Beyond Swimming

While the typical kiddie pool is primarily used for swimming, it can also be a hub for other summer activities for toddlers.

For instance, converting the pool into a mini water park by adding toys and water-friendly games can stimulate your child’s imagination and cognitive skills.

Another fun activity is a DIY boat race. Simply craft boats using sponges and let your toddler enjoy a race across the pool.

A kiddie pool can also serve as a fishing pond by adding plastic fish and nets. These engaging activities will surely make your toddler’s summer more enjoyable.

Outdoor Art Projects – For Encouraging Creativity

Fostering creativity outdoors, we have some fun art projects that double as ideal summer activities for toddlers.

With a bucket of sidewalk chalk, your kiddos can practice letters, numbers, and shapes, or even create a vibrant mural, making learning fun. For a mess-free painting session, head outdoors with washable paints and use nature’s tools like leaves and sticks.

Allow your toddler’s imagination to run wild, painting on large easels or canvases.

These fun-filled activities not only stimulate creativity but also promote learning and fine motor skills development, offering a perfect blend of education and entertainment.

a child sitting on the ground painting

Sidewalk Chalk: More than Drawing

The magic of sidewalk chalk goes beyond drawing, offering endless possibilities for summer activities for toddlers.

You can set up learning games like letter and number recognition, or shape identification. Incorporate classics like hopscotch, or invite your toddler to help create a giant chalk mural.

Alternatively, add a twist by introducing water.

Dipping the chalk in water before drawing creates brighter and bolder colors. From artistry to education, sidewalk chalk can transform your driveway or sidewalk into a canvas for creativity. So pick up a bucket of chalk and let the fun begin!

Outdoor Painting for Toddlers

Taking creativity outside, one of the most engaging summer activities for toddlers is painting in the open air. Arm them with washable paints and let them go wild on large canvases or easels.

The beauty of this is there’s no concern about mess, and it also encourages your little ones to express themselves freely. For a unique twist, consider using natural items like leaves and sticks as paintbrushes.

This not only adds another layer of fun but also subtly introduces them to the beauty of nature. It’s a win-win situation, fostering creativity while keeping them engrossed and active.

Delicious and Cool Summer Treats to Make with Toddlers

Indulging in tasty, cold treats is one of the best parts of summer, especially when it’s a fun activity that includes your toddler.

Turn your kitchen into an ice cream parlor with a homemade ice cream making adventure, where your little one can experiment with flavors and sprinkle on their favorite toppings.

For a healthier alternative, refreshing fruit popsicle recipes are a hit! Blend up some bananas, berries, and yogurt, pour the mixture into popsicle molds, and freeze.

These summer toddler activities not only offer a delicious way to beat the heat, but also create delightful memories.

a child smiling at the camera with plates of fresh cut fruit in front of them

Homemade Ice Cream Making Adventure

Embarking on a DIY ice cream making journey can be one of the most exciting summer activities for toddlers.

This process requires just a few simple ingredients such as milk, sugar, and your chosen flavoring.

By placing this mixture in a bag and shaking it within a larger bag filled with ice and salt, your toddler can witness the transformation into ice cream. Entice their curiosity by adding different flavors and toppings, making each batch a new adventure.

This hands-on activity not only creates a delightful summer treat but also contributes to your toddler’s sensory and motor skill development.

Refreshing Fruit Popsicle Recipe

While looking for a cool and tasty treat, try out a fruit popsicle recipe that’s both fun and healthy.

This activity ticks all the boxes of summer activities for toddlers – it’s interactive, delicious, and cooling. Simply blend their favorite fruits, like strawberries or bananas, with a bit of yogurt, then pour into popsicle molds and freeze.

It’s an enjoyable and simple way for them to consume fruits, and they’ll love the end result.

Enjoying their homemade popsicles can turn into a regular, exciting activity on sunny days, making the hot summer a lot more bearable and fun for your little ones.

Engaging Exploration Activities for Tiny Adventurers

Making the most of summer’s sunny days, engaging activities can turn little explorers into budding adventurers.

A straightforward scavenger hunt with a list of easy-to-find items like a leaf, a flower, or a specific colored rock can spark curiosity.

For a twist, try a toddler treasure hunt with toys frozen in ice cubes. Let the little ones melt the cubes to reveal hidden treasures.

This combo of sensory play and problem-solving is perfect for creating memorable toddler activities. So grab a list, some toys, and ice cube trays, and embark on a thrilling backyard adventure with your tiny explorer.

a child lying on a blanket in the grass

5-Item Scavenger Hunt

Opt for a hunt involving five easily recognizable items, such as a twig, a pebble, a daisy, a leaf, and a feather, to keep your toddler engaged in outdoor play.

This summer activity helps develop your toddler’s observational skills and their understanding of nature.

It’s easy to set up in your backyard or at a local park, making it a convenient choice for busy days. Remember to make it fun and not overly competitive, keeping the focus on exploration and discovery. This game, simple in its concept, is sure to bring about big smiles and endless amusement.

Toddler Treasure Hunt: Ice Cube Edition

Ice cube treasure hunts offer a novel twist on traditional scavenger hunts, making them ideal summer activities for toddlers.

Just freeze small toys in ice cube trays and give your little ones the task of freeing the treasures trapped inside. They can experiment with different ways to melt the ice, like pouring water over it or sprinkling it with salt.

This activity exercises both their problem-solving skills and sensory awareness, as they feel the cold of the ice and the thrill of discovery. Blog about it to share this fun activity with others. Remember, safety first! Always supervise your toddlers during play.

Educational Nature Activities

Exploring the great outdoors is an exceptional way to engage toddlers in a learning experience.

For instance, teaching them simple gardening tasks like watering plants or picking ripe vegetables enhances their understanding of nature.

Using child-friendly tools, you can explain the process of plant growth and care, making this one of the ideal summer activities for toddlers.

Alternatively, consider a rock painting session. This activity doesn’t just foster creativity, but also improves their fine motor skills. Remember, the goal is to create a fun learning environment that cultivates knowledge and curiosity.

a child playing with a shovel in a garden

Simple Gardening Tasks for Toddlers

Engaging your little ones in gardening is a fantastic way to acquaint them with nature.

Assign them easy tasks such as seed sowing, watering, and harvesting when crops are ready. Use tools that are suitable for their size and use this opportunity to explain how plants grow from a tiny seed into a mature plant.

This hands-on experience not only entertains but also educates them about the life cycle of plants, making it a perfect choice for summer activities for toddlers.

A similar hands-on approach can be adopted for a rock painting session, promoting creativity while improving their fine motor skills.

Rock Painting: Fun and Educational Activity

With an array of smooth stones at their disposal, youngsters can dive into a world of color and creativity.

A simple task of painting rocks can serve as an entertaining pastime, while subtly improving their fine motor skills.

The end result?

A collection of colorful stones they can proudly display in your garden or use as markers to identify different plants. This makes it one of the most valuable summer activities for toddlers that marries fun, creativity, and learning.

So, grab a paintbrush and let your little one’s imagination run wild on the canvas of a humble rock!

DIY Games for Fun-Filled Summer Days

Creating your own summer games is an excellent way to ensure a joy-filled season for your little ones.

From backyard bowling with recycled bottles to an easy DIY yard twister game, the options are endless. Set up your own bowling alley using painted plastic bottles and a ball or spray paint a Twister board on your lawn for endless fun.

These games not only offer amusement but also improve coordination and motor skills. Remember, the key is to keep it simple, safe, and engaging.

So, are you ready to make your backyard the ultimate playground this summer?

a colorful carpet and a row of bottles on a lawn

Backyard Bowling with Recycled Bottles

Bottles transformed into bowling pins bring a green twist to outdoor play, promoting recycling while providing a fun game for your little ones.

Simply gather and paint some empty plastic bottles and pair with a light ball. Set them up in a classic pyramid formation and let the bowling commence!

This game, a part of our outdoor activities series, not only adds color to your backyard but also aids in developing your toddler’s motor skills and coordination.

Remember to cheer on and celebrate your child’s strikes and spares, making this one of their favorite summer activities!

Easy DIY Yard Twister Game

Revamping your outdoor space into a lively game zone is quite simple. You just require spray paint to design your very own Twister board on the lawn.

It’s just like playing the conventional Twister, but it’s outdoor! This garden version is a flawless choice among summer activities for toddlers. It not only fosters physical activity but also promotes better coordination skills.

So, grab your paint cans and make your grass a vibrant playground. Not to mention, it’s a hit at garden parties for all ages. Remember, laughter and fun are the main goals here!


Keeping your toddler entertained and engaged in the summer does not have to be a daunting task.

With a bit of creativity and minimal resources, you can transform your home and backyard into a fun-filled summer playground.

From at-home water play ideas to outdoor art projects, DIY games, and even simple nature activities, there’s a plethora of ways to make summer exciting and educational for your tiny ones.

Involving them in preparing delicious and cool summer treats could be a great way to combine fun and learning.

Not only will they enjoy the outcome, but they will also develop basic skills and gain practical experience. Engaging exploration activities could stimulate their curiosity and observational skills, while educational nature activities could introduce them to the world of gardening, rock painting, and much more.

Remember, the key to a fun-filled summer for toddlers lies in variety and creativity. So go on, give these easy-to-do summer activities a try, and make this summer unforgettable for your little adventurer.

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