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4 of the Best Ways to Support Your Friends During Major Life Events

During all of your successes and struggles, your friends have been there to celebrate with you or help you through. When they have similar issues, you hope to return the favor and offer your support.

While some events are easier to handle than others, there are plenty of ways to show your friends that you care. Here is a list of ideas that will help you be there for your friends through the highs and the lows.

Plan Big Parties

If your friend has reached a major milestone–like a birthday, engagement, wedding, or the birth of a child–it’s a great idea to help them celebrate by planning a party. While they would likely appreciate any opportunity to spend time together, taking the initiative to set up something special for them is a thoughtful gesture that any friend would love.

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Whether you take charge in planning their bachelor party activities or help them celebrate their birthday in style, you can make your friend feel appreciated and cared for with a special event. Most people plan their own celebrations, so having a friend orchestrate something for them will feel like a real treat.

Help with Daily Tasks

If your friend is dealing with something difficult or facing a significant hurdle, you may need to support them in a different way. With so much on their plate, they may be unable to complete regular tasks or take a necessary break without help. To make things easier on them, you could offer to help with home maintenance tasks like lawn care and cleaning or bring them prepared meals. For colleagues who need help, you could also offer to help them complete difficult work projects or offer your advice for solving problems.

While helping with routine tasks is usually a solution for friends going through hard times, you can also offer to help your friends during positive moments. For instance, let your friends know that you can house or pet sit during vacations or business trips. Everyone needs a friend that they can rely on when they plan to be away.

Give Thoughtful Gifts

In addition to helping out during big moments, it’s also important to think about great gift options for your closest friends to show them that you care and that you pay attention to their interests. When people receive gifts that relate to their hobbies or align with their tastes, they know that the giver was really thinking about them and what makes them happy. While material gifts aren’t necessary to show people how much you value their friendship, choosing the right ones can make your friends feel really special.

If you aren’t sure what gifts to choose for your friends, try paying close attention to the topics they discuss most frequently and choose items that relate to those interests. No matter what gift you choose, they will be touched to know that you were listening and that you remember what they like.

Ask Them About Their Feelings

Finally, make sure to ask your friends how they are doing. Emotional support requires far less time and energy than planning parties or choosing gifts, but it means the most and has the most positive effect. If your friend is struggling or feeling down, knowing that they have someone like you to lean on will make them feel much better. Make sure to reach out when you notice a difference in their mood or demeanor so they know that they can come to you in the future if they ever need to talk.

That said, you don’t have to wait for hard times to check in on your friends. Sometimes, happy moments can be stressful and overwhelming too. If your friend is dealing with a major event like a wedding or the birth of a new child, be sure to ask how they are feeling and see if there is anything you can do to help make this time easier on them.

While most interactions with friends are purely intuitive, you may need some help coming up with ideas for handling difficult moments or big milestones. This list should help you and your friends get through anything together and make special moments even better!








Jeff Campbell