Tips For Telling Your Kids You Smoke Pot

Now that cannabis is legal for medicinal use in some states and recreationally in other states, smoking marijuana has become increasingly popular among adults. A 2017 study reported by the Washington Post says nearly 55 million adults have used marijuana at least once or twice in the past year.

If you are one of those adults and you may have been caught lighting up by your child or maybe they happened upon your stash of Sativa you bought at Harvest, it is time to have that dreaded conversation about your cannabis use. The pressure is on and it can be a very uncomfortable conversation. You do not want to give your kid the wrong impression, but at the same time, you want to be honest.

Well, if you are unsure about how to approach this conversation, here are some tips.

Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy. If you are hiding the fact that you smoke marijuana form them, your kids might associate marijuana with something that is bad.

You want your children to understand that smoking is something a person enjoys. Cory Barnette, owner and operator of District Growers, told the Washingtonian, “When kids catch you hiding it from them, it makes cannabis seem like a dirty little secret. If mom is comfortable to having a glass of wine in front of the kids, she should be just as comfortable enjoying a vapor pen. The choice to use cannabis in your house is your personal choice.”

Be Open

Avoiding talking to your kids about weed is not the way to go. If smoking is a part of your lifestyle and there is a chance you may smoke in front of them, it would be best that you are open with them about your usage.

The earlier you let them know what the deal is, the better.

Pace Yourself

Depending on how young or old your kids are, you do not want to give them information overload about cannabis.

Be thoughtful when you talk to them, but you do not have to turn into an encyclopedia with all the information. Though the effects of marijuana and alcohol are different, you can approach the conversation the same way.

Parenting coach Sara Rosensweet told Today’s Parents, “If they ask what it is, you can say that it’s something for grown-ups and that they can decide when they’re grown up if they want to have any.”

Don’t Glamorize It

Though you may partake in smoking weed, teach your kids to say no.

Let them know that just because you smoke weed does not mean that they have to. Also understand that they may try it anyway. This is where setting ground rules for their consumption of marijuana so you can be sure the yare using it safely in a safe environment.

Educate your children that pot can also we used for medicinal uses and like medicine, too much of it can be dangerous.

Jeff Campbell

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