The Rise of Instagram Shopping


Social media has become increasingly vital for shopping. As per a recent study, there is a rise in mobile-first shopping every year, and social media drives it. Consumers are passively and actively browsing brands and products across social platforms, including Instagram, which means brands, can and should use this evolving shopping channel.

Choose Instagram Shopping the Sooner the Better

Following the shopping feature’s implementation, businesses on Instagram have experienced a considerable rise in revenue and traffic alike. Some brands have seen an exponential increase in traffic, while others have seen a surge in revenue.

The Instagram platform is everything about showcasing lifestyles and telling stories. When someone follows you, it means you are well interested in the culture of your brand. The moment you feature a product this way, this will automatically make people want to have this. Other than that you may think of using private Instagram viewer apps to get information about your potential clients without sending a follow request.

Above all, when the shopping process is made easy for customers, the higher will be their chances to buy.

Following shoppable posts, clients are likely to picture themselves with the product easily. They can see the information they need, which is relevant for determining whether they are interested or not, and reach that point of purchase sans leaving the app. This shows how powerful a tool Instagram is for businesses.

That’s why social media marketing agency like SimplyGram is so popular nowadays.

If product-based companies have an account on Instagram that are yet to make the most of shoppable posts are missing out on something precious, which helps them close leads. A higher number of likes will result in a higher number of sales.

The advertisements and photos of your product are likely to receive more exposure and increase the number of likes. So get in touch with a professional that can help you buy likes on Instagram.

Facts about Instagram Live Shopping

Instagram’s Live Shopping is an exclusive feature that allows people to use live-streaming to sell their products to customers directly.

Simply put, this feature will enable people to find and purchase products with real-time previews as they get inspired via live video content of a brand or a creator, thereby paving the way for a new shoppable platform for businesses.

With Live Shopping, in other words, one can go live on this social platform, engage with their followers, and sell their products. Live Shopping offers three key benefits, namely,

  • Tap into Immediacy – Instagram Live sessions are highly favoured by all. With this social media platform coming up with new features for improving e-commerce features at live streaming, one’s brand will not be left behind. There is an excellent opportunity for mixing shopping features and engaging content for boosting their sales and engagement. There are ample reasons that have led to the immense popularity of Instagram Live. Of which, the simplicity to join a session that too in real-time is the most vital. It is this immediacy that one can tap into for making the strategy of their brand more effective.
  • Explore New Partnerships – To work with creators and influencers will help one’s brand stay ahead while reaching new audiences. And what can be a more effective means to begin new partnerships than through live streaming. This partnership will be an accurate method for introducing one’s brand and its goods to new followers. For the best part, one can spark their interest and bring them closer to purchasing their products.
  • Shift Followers to the Sales Funnel – The idea of Instagram in blending live streaming along with shopping will be an ideal means of moving one’s followers down their sales funnel. Conversion, consideration, and awareness can mix in a great way if one is creative with their content. Directing with a call-to-action can help. There is a vast potential to drive new sales, so one should ensure their review of their Instagram marketing strategy, including recent e-commerce features.

Shopping Through Instagram Reels

Instagram is in the limelight for the right reasons.

It has just made shopping available in all formats on their application- Live, IGTV, Stories, and Feed. After testing for a couple of months, shopping today is available on Reels as well. Creators and businesses can tag products while creating Reels. Hence when users see an Instagram Reel along with this content, immediately they can tap the button of View Products for saving, buying, or merely learning more regarding the featured products.

For making things more transparent, the creator is free to add the tag of branded content to their Reels to show they are paid for promoting the products. When there has been a rise in the adoption of video-based shopping, this update will help make Instagram shopping more attractive for an online shopper.

So make the most of Instagram shopping today and implement it for your brand. Whether you are starting out or a successful name in your business it is a good strategy.

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