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7 Tips for Writing a College Essay from a Professional Writer

The college essay can be intimidating, especially if you’re a student who hasn’t written many essays before. How do you make the essay unique while still relevant to the application? What are common mistakes students make on their college essays? And how can you make sure your grammar and spelling are up to par? Here are seven tips from an expert college essay writer to help you write the perfect college essay!

1) Personalize your essay

In college admissions, there’s no one size fits all approach to writing an essay. You need to personalize your essay so that it shows off your best self and sets you apart from other applicants. A professional writer can help you figure out what colleges are looking for and create a unique, memorable piece of writing. The essay is a big part of your application, but it shouldn’t be stressful. By working with a professional essay writer from grademiners who has experience with college essays, you can make sure that yours stands out as truly special.

2) Get out of the I trap

One of my biggest pet peeves is hearing students say they’re not good at writing essays. Of course you’re not, and neither am I—none of us are good at everything, but we can all become better with practice and guidance. If you really want to get out of that essay-writing rut and ace your next paper, consider hiring an essay writer for college from any of the ones listed here; my clients often see dramatic improvements on their papers once they commit to regular meetings with me over Skype.

3) Write like you speak

As you’re writing your essay, think of it as speaking to an admissions counselor directly. The goal is to connect with that person in a genuine and memorable way. Don’t try to write like some imaginary idea of what an essay should sound like. The goal isn’t to show off your fancy vocabulary or formal writing skills. The more conversational and relatable you can make your essay, without sounding unprofessional, the better chance you have at getting accepted into your dream school.

4) Never use cliches!

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and curiosity killed the cat are just two examples of cliches. They have been overused to such an extent that they have lost all meaning, and you run into trouble if you use them in your college essay. Readers can tell when you’re trying to sound deep or eloquent but only end up being corny, so avoid cliches at all costs. Be original! There’s no need to be boring; let your personality shine through. And don’t try too hard: sometimes it works best when you write what comes naturally rather than force something contrived onto paper.

5) Use quotes from professors, friends, etc.

A great way to provide quotes that can help your college essay shine is to use testimonials or recommendations from friends, family, and professors. If you know anyone who went through your dream school’s admissions process, ask them what they found to be helpful. You might even consider hiring someone like me (yes, I’m shameless) to write a recommendation letter for you! When writing your own personal statement, make sure it sounds natural—you don’t want to sound like someone else wrote it. You want it to reflect who you are as an individual so admissions officers get a clear picture of why they should accept you over other applicants.

6) Don’t procrastinate

The most common reason people fail to complete college essays is that they start too late. While some essays can be completed within days, others will take weeks of research and writing. Plan ahead by estimating how much time each essay will take, and make sure you know what’s due when so you don’t end up scrambling to finish on deadline day. You might even want to submit your essay earlier than requested so it gives you more time for revisions and edits. It takes diligence, but procrastination can sink your chances at getting into your top-choice school!


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