Top Ways to Boost Your Kid’s Immunity this Season

Because of the pandemic, today’s kids today have seen upheavals that most people don’t in their lifetime. While there are growing concerns for upcoming Covid variants targeting children, there is a greater issue at hand. Not many parents realized before the pandemic that child immunity needs proper development to fight serious infections and every other bug around the block.

The world has never been free from disease, after all. The fact remains that some diseases can have serious consequences, such as the Covid 19 pandemic. Therefore, instead of worrying over accessing pediatric home health care and calculating emergency visits costs if your child falls sick, start working on strengthening their immunity.

Get the Beginning Right

  • To begin with, there has to be an acceptance that immunity levels are something that needs an external boost. Supplements are all over the medical stores and advertisements are spread across magazines but you should start with getting the basics right.
  • Begin by cutting down food with processed ingredients and refined sugar. While an occasional candy or chocolate bar will not harm a child, you need to ensure that there is a set limit on sugar consumption.
  • The effects of having too much sugar are worrying, and it’s also important to note that sugar slows down the immune system. Especially during the pandemic when most children remain confined to their homes, it is time to make them aware of good and bad foods.

Feed Healthy

  • While it is not always practical to feed greens or superfoods to kids, you can sneakily incorporate these into their diets. Adding walnut or almond powder to cereal works wonders. 
  • Additionally, play around with berries, fruits, and nuts as part of snacks around the day. Ensure that your child drinks fresh home-squeezed juices—made from veggies or fruits! 
  • Store-bought snacks, no matter how healthy they “read”, are a no-no! The idea is to introduce antioxidant-rich foods to your child in addition to what they usually have. Go high on protein and stick to home-cooked meals.

Supplement just Right

  • While whole foods are effective in giving vital nutrients and minerals to your body, kids’ immunity works better if you add supplements to their diet. Talk to your doctor about the right dosage and type of supplements. 
  • Remember, supplements for boosting the immune systems are generally vitamin and mineral-based. Zinc is the main player here, followed by Vitamin C. Ensure that the dosage is medically sanctioned since overdose leads to side effects such as nausea, stomach ache, and headaches.

More than just Food

  • The immune system works best at all levels when your kid has a good sleep routine. The sleep cycle must have at least eight hours for the body to relax and rejuvenate. Poor sleep cycles and unhealthy sleeping patterns are killers for immune health. 
  • Ensure that you teach good sleeping habits to your child early on. Avoid screen time before bed hours and too much activity post sundown to ensure your child goes to bed on time.

Optimal Activity Levels

Make sure that your child does ample activities round the clock. While the right foods and sleep help, the child must be active and play as well. Since the pandemic has made it difficult to do regular activities, you need to ensure that they get the right exposure to games, sports, and other physical activities.


It’s imperative to be friendly with your kid. Talk freely about the pandemic and ensure that your child understands what is going on. These conversations help prevent anxiety in the child’s mind. Allow screen time within limits and do not place too many restrictions either. You need to bring in the right mental balance along with physical well-being to boost your child’s immune system.



Jeff Campbell