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What to Do During a Divorce in Georgia?

Divorce thoughts can seem like staring into the abyss. In this article, we discuss what you need to do and prepare for when it comes to getting a divorce in Georgia.

A divorce is a life-altering event that exposes you to many things you have never experienced before. You’ve probably searched online and read something like “getting your paperwork ready” or “how to get a divorce online,” but they didn’t mention that when going through a divorce, you need to look after yourself and prepare yourself for the changes ahead. We discussed a few things you need to do and prepare for if you’re getting a divorce in Georgia in this article. Remember that your divorce is about you, so you should always put yourself first.

Things to Do

Although every divorce is unique, most must adhere to the same basic rules and procedures in Georgia. Despite that, you might still have questions. Try to get your answers from as many sources as possible, rather than just relying on the Internet. Your local courthouse, a family law attorney, and friends and family that have been through a divorce are good sources. Here is our “to do” list that may answer some of your questions.

Make a list of things to do

As soon as you consider divorce, it would help if you did this. Plan out all aspects of the divorce process on paper by creating your divorce to-do list or list of goals. A checklist can help you avoid missing essential things, as well as allow you to prioritize more critical tasks.

You may include items such as:

  • Find helpful information and keep records. For example, you may need information about your finances and assets to file for divorce.
  • Get a divorce attorney and prepare the paperwork.
  • Check the statements of your credit cards. As a general rule, debt incurred during a marriage is considered marital, regardless of whether one or both spouses incurred it.
  • Make a list of all ongoing expenses you and your spouse must pay. They may include but are not limited to car payments, household utilities, medical bills, etc.
  • Organize mortgage information. Georgia lenders are reluctant to remove borrower names from loans in divorce situations because of the likelihood of default or foreclosure.
  • Calculate future costs. Determine how much it will cost you to live separately. Take childcare into account, as well as medical costs.
  • a plan for your life. Think about what you will do (e.g. going back to school or moving to another state).

Being honest with this list and prioritizing will enable you to deal with all the issues that come with a divorce. After you’ve gone over the list, you may go through your divorce objectives in further depth.

Decide What You Want Out of Divorce

You’re getting divorced means moving on with your life. Please identify what you want from the divorce and set goals for it. Avoid getting caught up in small details. If you get caught up in minor issues, you may delay the divorce. Let’s look at some areas where you should focus.


A supportive environment is crucial for children dealing with a parent’s divorce. Focus your energy on attending their school and after-school events, helping them with homework, and taking them out once in a while to the movies or zoo instead of talking about the process. Use a calendar to record the time spent with children if child custody is involved.

Family and Friends

Support from your friends and family can be invaluable during a divorce. Make it a goal to stay in touch with them or speak with them. You are more likely to keep your plans to see your friends if you have a reason to do so.


Consider how you would like your finances to look after your divorce. It could be related to financial management or career development. By 12 months from now, what are you hoping to accomplish?

Physical and Mental Health

Make it your goal to get some medical insurance if you are currently on your spouse’s. Find some time to learn a new hobby. Consider seeing a therapist if you need one. Therapists are more than just people you talk to. They can teach you how to relax, talk to your children, and stay calm in court. The most crucial part is that a therapist can help you gain self-sufficiency.

Prepare for the Future

Changes will occur during and after your divorce. Understanding that your story revolves around you is the first step toward taking care of yourself. Start by making your information private. Make sure you change your passwords as soon as possible.

Divorce does not automatically revoke a will. To prevent your soon-to-be-ex-spouse from receiving your assets and privileges, you need to update your choice. If you are considering purchasing or selling assets or transferring property, do so before the divorce. Today, such information is readily available and can adversely affect your case.

Think About Changing Your Name

When preparing your divorce forms, you will be able to choose whether to restore your former name or request a court order to change it. Changing your name will not take effect just because of a court order. All your organizations must be notified to have their records updated. Bring this up with your attorney if you intend to change your name.

Hire an Attorney

You can represent yourself during a divorce in Georgia, but we advise against it. Putting together a comprehensive game plan with your attorney can be a lot easier than doing it on your own. Your attorney can support you and empower you to make the right decisions. Because they are familiar with the process and paperwork, divorce attorneys can save you much time and stress. A reasonable divorce attorney can refer you to other professionals, whether you need a good realtor, divorce counselor, or child therapy.






One Final Note


Divorce experts say that, instead of getting everything done quickly, you should educate yourself and be realistic about your needs. While a divorce lawyer can help you put your legal needs first, it’s up to you to put your personal needs first. In addition, if you put aside strong emotions and cooperate with your spouse and deal with the divorce proceedings with a calm and level head, you can make better decisions and avoid bruises.

Jeff Campbell