Where to Carry Money, if Any?

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Purse, purse, wallet, cardholder, clip, coin box – all these are accessories for storing money savings, whether they are in paper, copper or plastic form. Usually people are divided into about two types – they either carry money in their pocket (and then get a ton of jokes about why the bills are so crumpled and where they put them), or they buy all kinds of accessories for them, without thinking that some of these things are for them. absolutely not needed.

We tell you what function a wallet performs, how to properly carry a purse and why you still need a coin purse.

Even in the heads of the most stylish men, doubts periodically arise whether you understand correctly how a wallet and purse differ from each other. Most importantly for a gentleman, it is to have a good wallet. If you still do not have one – buy wallets for men.

Banknotes easily fit into a wallet when unfolded, it is a large, roomy accessory with many compartments and zippered pockets, which usually has a common clasp. If you have been thinking all your life that this is a purse, then it’s time to correct this delusion. You need a wallet if you traditionally carry a lot of cash with you, generously leave tips or give your children pocket money – of course, you don’t need to iron bills, but crumpled, torn and dirty bills do not add elegance.

The wallet should be carried in a briefcase, backpack or bag. As a last resort, if its size allows you to confuse the accessory with a clutch (they are still the closest relatives), you can carry it in your hands. But we beg – just not in the pocket of your trousers, sticking out halfway and screaming that its lucky owner has cash.

Purse and wallet

As for the purse, this is a relatively small rectangular accessory in which bills are folded in half, and there is no compartment for small change. The emphasis is on plastic cards. In general, a wallet in form and functionality practically does not differ from a purse, except that it can be zippered and have a compartment for small change. This is due to the fact that the purse is a more restrained, classic and status accessory (apparently, the higher the status, the more obscene it is to wear a trifle). The wallet is less serious and formal, can afford bright colors, patches and simple textiles.


A wallet (if it lacks a compartment for small change) can lie in the back pocket of your trousers, however, if it is not very thick, you should not stuff it with banknotes to capacity. When you have change in your wallet, firstly, it becomes thicker and heavier and pulls your pockets away, and secondly, you will ring as you walk, like a machine in a casino.

A purse, purely theoretically, can also be put into a pants pocket, but those around them, who understand the intricacies of style, will consider this blasphemy and philistinism. Save this accessory for the inside pocket of your coat, jacket or jacket.


A cardholder, which in Russia is sometimes called a card holder, may at first glance seem like a useless accessory due to its small functionality. We consider it the most relevant and, perhaps, the only necessary option for money.

Why do you need cash? Based on our own experience, we can say that, except for tips, we do not use cash from the word at all. And in the cardholder you can easily fit a couple of bills so as not to be considered a boor in Moscow establishments.

The main advantage of a cardholder for us is that we can put it anywhere. The main advantage for designers is that the accessory, devoid of massiveness and bulkiness, can take on any shape, color and texture. Many brands show their creativity to the world by working with small formats, so the choice of cardholders is huge – rectangular, round, square, lace around the neck, embroidered, appliqué and ad infinitum.

You will be able to take with you about six to ten basic plastic cards (including a driver’s license, which is readily used to sell products to persons over 18 years of age). Cardholders come in different capacities, so calculate how much plastic you need to carry with you daily and buy.

What you should not do is put several cards into one compartment at once. There is a risk of damaging one of them or losing it when, when removing a card from the compartment, you will not notice that its neighbor has fallen out. If you can never refuse kind cashiers to issue a discount or accumulation card, get a separate large cardholder (according to the business card principle), where you put all the plastic savings, and store it in the car.

Сoin holder

Be honest, do you have a small compartment in the armrest area in your car, where do you pour change, resembling a taxi driver? If yes, then please consider buying a coin box (aka coin purse).

In order not to walk the whole vacation with a wallet in your hands (unless, of course, you wear a backpack almost always) and not risk your wallet in the back pocket of your trousers, grab a coin box from which it is convenient to take out a change without spilling half of it and without trying to pick out a coin stuck near the seam.

A coin purse must be soft so that the coins do not ring, especially since a textile or leather coin purse is much more capacious.


Jeff Campbell