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How to Arrange a Winning Game in Online Roulette

Roulette is called the “queen” of casino games, and there are many good reasons for that. Despite the fact that the popularity of this entertainment has decreased in Canadian real money casinos due to the emergence of video slots, roulette still retains its title. Thousands of players register accounts on gambling sites with the only purpose – to play their favorite roulette game.

How to Play and Win

During the existence of roulette, many strategies, tactics, and gambling methods have been developed. Most of them are aimed at helping gamblers to play and win in the game. Of course, a special gambling approach can boost your winning odds, but you cannot be 100% sure about landing the grand prize in all the gaming sessions. According to the legends, the creator of the roulette wheel went crazy because he could not develop such a tactic.

All existing strategies can help you win online casinos and get real money in one or several separate rounds when playing roulette. When it comes to an infinite period of time, the game outcome depends solely on your luck.

Before you decide on any strategy, you should recall the main purpose of playing roulette in any casino. Your main mission is to guess what sector the ball will land in when the roulette wheel rotates. If you make the right choice, you get a prize for that. Of course, you will never guess what will happen with the ball and the wheel in all the cases, but there are still some tips to make your prediction work.

Tips to Follow

There are a couple of “tactics” that help more than one generation of gambling enthusiasts to play and win in roulette games:

  • Martingale – it is the most popular winning tactic. Its effectiveness is based on placing bets on equivalent events. In this case, the probability of winning is 50% (zero is not taken into account). You can bet on red and black, odd and even, high and low numbers. In case of a win, the event is reversed; when it comes to a loss, the rate is doubled and the event is repeated. Thus, the bet on a particular machine is doubled until the player wins.
  • Labouchere – it is essentially a negative progression. It assumes a selection of 4 numbers at random. Then bets are placed on equal positions, with the 1 and the last digit of the sequence being summed up. If the bet wins, the numbers are crossed out. If it loses, the number is added to the end of the sequence.
  • Cuban – the technique is based on the uneven distribution of red and black colors over the area of ​​the roulette slot. All numbers are arranged in three lines. On the middle one, there are more black sectors, while on the third part, there are more red ones. At the same time, sectors on the first line are evenly distributed by color. If you use this roulette strategy, you should bet on black in two lines or on red in three lines.
  • Biarritz – this tactic is also called the Makarov system. It is extremely simple – the bet should be made on one number. In case of a victory, the winning amount will be 36 times the amount of the bet. In case of a loss, the bet is repeated for the same number and is duplicated 36 times.
  • Thomas Donald’s system – the player must always bet on the same color. If a win is received, the bet is reduced by one unit; in case of a loss, it is increased. The main idea of ​​the tactic is that sectors of the same color should fall out the same number of times during the throws.

No matter what “tactic” you choose, it is important that you play the game for free first. Thus, you will feel the gaming machine and get to know if the luck is with you today.



Jeff Campbell