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How Technology Impacts Modern Marriages

Because technological innovations have impacted so many aspects of our lives, most of us take this for granted. There’s every chance you might be one of the 3.9 billion people who use social media, or from the 80% who use mobile phones? One area where digital technology has made huge inroads is online dating. Around one-in-three modern relationships will have been initiated after singles met on a dating site.

These platforms make it simple to find someone compatible while providing numerous ways of touching base. But is this convenient technology always a positive? Relationships might be instigated easily, but how are marriages affected in the longer term?

Uncovering someone’s background

Not so long ago, singles flirting with prospective partners in social settings had no way of knowing anything about a person’s backstory.

They might have gained an impression of their character during chat in a nightclub, but could never appreciate whether this was a true reflection or a front.

With online dating the environment you can get much more information about you’re the person you are chatting with. So when you sign up to Iwantdating or similar platform, you will gain a far more accurate snapshot of the person whose profile photograph or background details you have been attracted to.

When it comes to assessing who would be suitable ‘marriage material,’ you can quickly discount those site members who don’t tick all your boxes. Having this degree of control means you can devote your dating site experience to tracking down those individuals possessing the most potential for a committed relationship, eliminating a lot of unnecessary timewasting.

Breaking down cultural barriers

In the pre-digital era, communities were more fragmented and would adhere to strict social mores.

This was particularly the case in third world countries, with conservatives standards or religious convictions. Technology has inspired a widespread shift in attitudes.

Singles from a particular country who would rarely have encountered people outwith their faith can now be exposed to a diverse cross-section of individuals. Dating sites transcend international boundaries, so as you browse online profiles, you might find yourself being attracted to Muslim women from Lebanon, Hindu girls from India, or agnostics from Argentina.

Chatting in the online environment will quickly break down any barriers.

Maintaining strong communication

Communication has always been the bedrock of any relationship, but especially one that has run the course of leading to something as committed as marriage.

Technology has created even more reliable methods for couples to keep in touch. Dating sites rely on secure communication channels to allow members to establish a strong rapport, through texting, WhatsApps messages, phoning, or even video chats.

The same tech advances can be utilized by married couples who find themselves separated by distance for whatever reason. It could be they are living apart due to work or study commitments.

By dialing in to a private connection, they could instantly get involved in enthusiastic chats, the miles between them fading. The technology available for touching base is evolving all the time. The advent of virtual reality software and hardware has given an added dimension to the way married individuals will be able to contact each other.

This has already been pioneered in the gaming industry, and also the US military, who see the benefits to maintaining morale offered by allowing front-line personnel to connect with loved ones in his ultra-realistic way.

Paving the way for a contented relationship

There does need to be a degree of rationing where access to social media is concerned, as constantly checking out notifications bleeping on smart devices can be a distraction – to anyone socializing, not just a married couple. But with a degree of common sense, it should be easy enough to maintain a balance.



Jeff Campbell