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7 Hacks to Improve Your Website ROI

In this digital era where everything has become digital, from ordering food to getting a health check-up, developing your website is necessary. Even if you have created a website, the chances are that you have done an ample amount in building it. But if you are not aware of optimizing, all the efforts may go wasted.

Focusing on websites is one thing, but you need to make sure your website has a proper return of investment(ROI) that helps in benefiting you and your website. So now, let’s look into super seven hacks that would be a great help for you to improve your website ROI.

These hacks are simple and easy to implement, but they can help you improve your website’s ROI.

  • Try Delivering Stories

People and users love websites that display stories on every page. No matter what category your website belongs to, if you include stories behind every page, it will make users curious and make them visit your website repeatedly.

You can create a one-story for the whole website or tell a story of your website with its design style. Include some true emotions in the “about us” section and write about your website. This will make people connected to your website and increase the website’s ROI.

  • Target the correct audience

The most important thing in SEO is to improve your website positions on the search engines. But if your site has a poor conversion rate, it’s not just a matter of optimizing the pages on your website and getting them in front of visitors. It also means that some visitors may not come back even after they have seen your content.

It is often said that the most crucial parameter in online marketing is to target the right audience. When you target the wrong audience, you won’t be able to achieve your goals. You can always take help from an SEO agency in Melbourne as they can help you figure out which audience will be a proper fit for your business.

  • Add Images/GIFs

A website is the first impression of your company. It should be attractive and engaging. Images and GIFs are the most effective way to add value to your content.

Images, as well as GIFs, are one of the most engaging content all over the internet. However, not many users know how to make use of this opportunity. Think of it as a hack to improve your website ROI. This can be considered the finest way to increase sales and conversion rate.

  • Display Reviews

Display reviews are a way to show off your products and services. They help you to get more attention from potential customers. People often look for reviews on the web before making a decision. Adding a review is an excellent way to increase your sales or if you want to show off the quality of your products.

  • Give Homepage an Attractive Look

Your Website Homepage contributes a lot to your lead generation. Remember, it is your first impression of a website going to your visitors. Therefore, if your home page is not good, you will get a bad visitor experience and lose out on potential customers.

The homepage should be easy to navigate, and it should be attractive. However, it also must be reconcilable with your brand.

  • Provide Users a Live Chat Feature

The Live Chat feature will have a very crucial role here. It allows businesses to exponentiate their customer satisfaction ratio and overall engagement. It allows customers to talk to customer representatives directly while they are on the website or in the app interacting with the business.

  • Use Easy-going Colors

When we think about creating a website, we tend to think about the site’s look. A clean, modern, elegant-looking website can surely attract the right audience. But what if the website is not looking appealing?

Nothing can compensate for a good website design for any business. However, using easy-going and subtle colors is still considered one of the best ways to increase your site ROI. A simple color palette can be used to improve your website’s performance and make it look better. You can also search for color psychology and choose the color according to your business.

Parting Thought

A good website is an essential asset for any business. So, it becomes more of a necessity to know about the working hacks for the success of your dream business. We hope these seven hacks help you to improve your website ROI.


Jeff Campbell