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Best Ebike Accessories and Upgrades

Regardless of your bike, your riding experiences– the roads and trails you choose to explore– are uniquely yours.

Your rides and distinctive journeys will also be influenced by the ebike accessories and upgrades you choose. Some accessories will provide additional safety while others are designed to deliver comfort or simply make your ride more fun!

  • But how do you go about choosing the best accessories? To help you find the best ebike upgrades and add-ons,, here are some essentials at Velotric ebike accessories:


Safety first. A helmet tops the list because it protects your head, brain, and face. Statistics show that wearing a helmet can reduce your risk of suffering a serious head injury by 60 percent. The best helmets fit snugly and are made of high-impact materials that can resist the forces sustained in a severe crash.

Across the United States, many states require the use of helmets, especially for younger cyclists. While there are few comprehensive state laws mandating the use of helmets for ebikes, some cities such as Los Angeles, New York, and Louisville implement stricter rules for cyclists across ages and classes.


For both safety and practicality, your ebike should be equipped with lights. This helps make it easier and safer to ride in low-light situations such as early in the morning, late in the evening, or when it is cloudy or raining. Reflectors help, too. Both in the daylight and at night, reflectors increase your visibility to passing drivers. Some riders even utilize a reflective seat for additional safety.

Water Bottle and Holder

Are you staying hydrated? Studies show a massive decline in endurance and athletic performance occurs when people become dehydrated. Not only that, staying well-hydrated can help improve sleep quality, mood and cognition. Unless you’re rocking a hydration backpack, the only way to stay hydrated and safe on a bike is with the proper type of water bottle and holder. The best water bottles — like those included in a list of Velotric accessories — are BPA-free, have a soft silicon nozzle, and are easy to clean. Choose a size appropriate for the length of your ride and it never hurts to carry a spare water bottle.


Racks make it easier to carry your gear. They can be installed on the front or rear of your ebike. Rear racks are typically stronger than front racks and are designed to carry more weight. With the proper rack, you can carry tents and camping equipment, groceries, and clothing for inclement weather. You may also be able to attach bags to the racks although some bags do not require a rack.

Cellphone Mount

Don’t inconvenience yourself. You’ll likely want your cellphone handy in case you need to use it for navigation or  to receive a call while riding. The best way to handle your phone easily and safely while riding is to install a cellphone mount in a convenient location. Most riders choose their handlebars. The mount should accommodate a variety of cellphone sizes, and your phone should easily slip in and out of the mount.

Saddle and Suspension Seat Post

For comfort, you may want to consider upgrading your saddle. There are a number of good saddles on the market designed specifically to fit particular riding styles and to provide additional comfort depending on body shape and size. Just be sure that any saddle you might buy will fit the frame of your ebike. Another item to consider adding is a suspension seat post. These can do wonders helping you absorb shock to make it feel like you’re floating over the terrain.

Handlebar Grips

If you ride frequently or travel over rugged terrain, you might notice your handlebar grips are beginning to fade or lose some comfort and gripping power. For even more comfort and safety, you may want to replace  handlebar grips to whatever new grip feels the best.. This is extremely important if you ride in rough terrain. A good handlebar grip will feel comfortable and allow you to hold on tight without having slippage or an accident. Look for handlebar grips that have an ergonomic design to help you ride longer distances without experiencing pain in your wrists or arms.

Spare Battery

Don’t become stranded on some barren rural road or trail because your battery lost its charge.

Considering how long it takes to charge an electric bike, having a spare battery minimizes downtime and extends your riding experience.

The best way to prevent any unwanted stops  is to carry a spare battery like the ones included in a list of Velotric accessories. Such batteries feature plug-and-play technology, allowing you to easily swap one out and keep the adventure rolling.

Get the Best Accessories for your Ebike

The rising use of ebikes as alternative modes of transportation and recreation encourages greener ways to go places across the globe.The essential accessories offer additional safety, convenience, and comfort to ensure a pleasant and seamless biking experience.

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