11 Best Vacation Spots for Tweens in the US You Must Know

11 Best Vacation Spots for Tweens in the US You Must Know

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by Jenny Harrison, edits and additions by Jeff Campbell

There’s only so much you can do to create fun and educational opportunities for your kids within your city.

Every year, there comes a time when their spirits can’t be calmed, their energy reserves can’t be exhausted, and their never-ending curiosity gets the better of you.

Kids aged between ten and fifteen, now known as tweens, are obsessed with learning new things which later forms a major portion of their personalities.

As a parent, you’re trying to do the best for your kid, but if you’d like to make their vacations just as educational as the rest of their academic year, here are 11 best vacation spots for tweens you should plan for.

Whether it’s summer vacation, winter vacation, or just a lucky long weekend; don’t let your kids miss out on their awesome life-transforming opportunities. What’s more; these places are as exciting for the kids as for adults.

So here it goes, the . . . . 

11 Best Vacation Spots for Tweens in the US You Must Know

1. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is loved for various reasons.

It is considered a haven for outdoor enthusiasts as it’s loaded with geothermal mysteries; the widest collection of hot springs, mud baths, and geysers. The surrounding mountains feature rock formations that offer an unmatched exploration opportunity and beauty.

And if you’re lucky, you might be paid a visit by one of the locals from the forest – buffalo, elk, or sometimes bears as well.

Follow the trails less traveled by to witness nature like nowhere else.

Despite welcoming millions of visitors every year, the 2.2 million acres of land still remains unexplored in several regions. Especially if you’re accompanied by tweens, get your hands on a few gadgets like binoculars and compasses to keep them excited. Yellowstone National Park is the perfect marriage of education and fun and one of the best vacation spots for tweens.

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2. The Grand Canyon

This place is called Grand for a reason.

The Grand Canyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site inviting nature-lovers in hordes. The Colorado River is nothing short of amazing and people from all over the world visit this spot to absorb the reflections of nature’s finest.

While the South Rim is crowded and blessed with basic amenities, the North Rim is where you can find peace, camping opportunities and hardcore hiking tracks. There’s something for everyone here!

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3. Redwood National Park

Like most other national parks in the country, Redwood National Park has a unique experience to offer.

Equipped with hiking trails, campgrounds and some of the tallest trees in the world, this place takes a top spot in must-visit places, especially for tweens. What really keeps the little ones engrossed is the amazing variety that exists in this part of the world.

Several ecosystems exist, with coastal, river, and forested areas all within the park. Talk about fun and education in one place. Redwood is easily one of the best vacation spots for tweens.

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4. Independence Hall – Philadelphia, PA

If you or your children need to experience a chunk of history in a comprehensive 90-minute tour, this is the place to be.

The Philadelphia’s Ghost Tour takes you through the back streets and secret gardens of the area and talks about popular landmarks like the Independence Hall, the Powell House, the Society Hill and the Old City. Not only this, it educates you about the haunted houses, ghostly spirits, eerie graveyards, and unworldly ghost sightings that are documented as true.

It gives the perfect reason to huddle together when your family retires for sleep. And if your child feels too brave, a night ghost tour can probably put them right!

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5. American Museum of Natural History, New York

As one of the largest museums of the world, the American Museum of Natural History has colossal knowledge for the seeker.

Spread over 2 million square feet of land, you can find over 33 million specimens of minerals, fossils, animals, plants, meteorites, rocks, humans, and cultural artifacts. Catch one of the 120 special field expeditions to gain an in-depth insight into the topic of your interest.

It’s the perfect place where your child’s fascination can be brought to life, just not quite like it did in Night at the Museum, which was filmed here!

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6. Niagara Falls

Sitting on the border between the USA and Canada, the Niagara Falls doesn’t need an introduction.

As one of the most iconic collections of waterfalls, this place has been a favorite for generations. But if you’re looking for an adventure while at it, the Cave of Winds is where you need to be. An elevator shaft takes you 175 feet into the Niagara Gorge and onto the Hurricane Deck where the Bridal Veil Fall falls at over 68 mph, spraying you in a tropical storm like fashion.

The kids will love it and it’s one of the best tween friendly vacations on the list.

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7. Oahu, Hawaii

Not every vacation spot you choose have to be miles away from reality.

Oahu features Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii. But it also has the world famous Waikiki Beach. It brings the best of the seas, luxuries, and breathtaking natural beauty. What makes this place attractive for families is the variety of things to do, from snorkeling, thriving food scene, abundant wildlife and the Dole pineapple plantation!

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8. Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve, Idaho

This place is the weirdest of the tween friendly vacations on the list.

Created by volcanic eruptions 15,000 years ago, this place resembles the surface of the moon and has several connecting underground passages and lava tunnels. The big ones are 30 feet by 50 feet, enough to house more than one person comfortably.

Hand your kids a searchlight and help them experience the happiness of exploration. It’s like finding your way through a maze! And by far the best part about this place is – it is free for tweens!

9. San Diego Zoo

It is one of the largest zoos in the world housing almost 4000 rare and/or endangered animal species.

This is the most diverse experience with fellow world inhabitants that you can find in one place. And we all know just how much kids love interacting with animals of all sorts. The San Diego zoo is also the leader in animal care and conservation.

Visit the 24 koalas in their “Australian Outback”, travel inside Panda Trek and see giant pandas in a bamboo forest habitat. Journey through Elephant Odyssey and explore the elephants natural environment. Tour by double-decker bus or get a bird’s eye view from the Skyfari aerial tram.

A visit to the zoo is always as fun as it is educational and the San Diego Zoo is easily one of the best vacation spots for tweens.

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10. Sanibel Island, Florida

The primary reason Sanibel Island makes this list is the abundance of seashells on this beach. Their slogan is 250 Kinds of Shells. 230 Kinds of Birds. 15 Miles of Beaches.

You and your kids can have a rather eventful afternoon at the beach, searching for seashells and bagging some of the rarest ones. The best part is there is always a souvenir you can carry back home. Outdoor activities include biking, shelling, fishing, bird watching, boating, golfing, snorkeling and more.

Sanibel is also home to the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge, but when you’re ready to get off the beach, they also have world class restaurants, theater, arts and live music.

Make sure you pack a sunscreen – it’ll be a challenge getting your kids back in the car! After flying into Ft Meyers, Florida, you can get to Sanibel by car or boat.

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11. Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL

This one sits at the end of this list because everyone knows and loves Disney World.

Kids love theme parks! And Walt Disney World Resort is easily one of the best vacation spots for tweens. While in Orlando, LEGOLAND and Harry Potter at Universal are worth a visit too! Get the best deal ontop-ratedd Orlando hotels on TripAdvisor!

Any place you choose, get your kids excited by re-watching your favorite classics with those characters before you go. This’ll make the experience – at the park and with cartoons/movies later on – truly priceless!

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Did we cover all the tween friendly vacations ideas you were looking for?

Tweens love exploring! Give them a diverse range of experiences to help them uncover their favorites.

Help them get in touch with their personality and passions. You can even help them choose items that are a must-have for camping, perfect for some of the destinations listed above.

These best vacation spots for tweens bring a bit of everything within their reach; adventure, outdoors & education. Stimulate their mind while learning about new things in exciting ways. This post walked you through some of the very best vacation spots for tweens. Places they will want to return to again and again.

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