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Six Healthy And Nutritious Beverages For A Liquid Diet

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We often go on liquid diets for a range of reasons – sometimes to detoxify and cleanse our bodies; other times as part of a diet to lose weight. Or, sometimes, if we have a health condition or a toothache or throat problem where chewing and swallowing solids become a problem. But even when on a liquid diet, it is possible to have a range of nutrients and flavors, and a variety of beverages, without compromising on your goal. 

Below are six healthy and nutritious beverage choices for those on a liquid diet.

1. Juice

Juices provide most of the nutrients of fruits and vegetables, as well as retain their flavor, and thus make the perfect choice for those on a liquid diet.

You can alternate between fruit and vegetable juices, or even mix a number of fruits and vegetables together, for a variety of flavors and benefits. 

It’s also worth making cold pressed juice for further nutritional benefits, even though the process might take longer and the resultant juice quantity might be lesser. 

2. Smoothies

More filling than juices, smoothies are an even more delicious way to get your fruit and vegetable intake when on a liquid diet.

Smoothies usually have milk in them as well (which makes them more filling); however, if on a diet then opt for low-fat milk or milk alternatives like almond or soya milk.

One can also add some ground nuts or seeds (flax seeds and chia seeds work a treat in smoothies) as they give crunch, nutrients, and a lovely flavor to the smoothie. 

3. Green teas and herbal teas

Tea and coffee are liquids, yes, but because they contain caffeine, one can’t have too many cups a day. Green teas and herbal teas make a delicious and much healthier alternative when you feel like something warm and soothing.

A hot cup of ginger-lemon tea first thing in the morning is believed to boost your metabolism. It also aids in weight loss, managing diabetes and boosts the immune system.

You can use a hydroponic herb garden kit to grow your own herbs indoors around the year instead of buying them from the grocery. In the long term, you will save money because in addition to making teas you can also use the fresh herbs for cooking.”

4. Soups

There is nothing as comforting and filling as a warm, hearty soup.

The perfect ‘meal’ when on a liquid diet. Again, there are so many combinations and options one can make, that it can never really get boring. Add cream or coconut milk to make soups thicker and creamier and add spices and herbs for flavor. Perfect!

5. Yogurt drinks

Yogurt, as we all know, is super healthy, especially the ones containing pro=biotics which are great for your gut. Those on a liquid diet need not miss out on this delicious and healthy item – supermarket aisles are now filled with yogurt drinks in various flavors.

That’s dessert sorted for your liquid diet!

6. Infused water

The newest trend is infused water – water that’s infused with fruits or vegetables to make more nutrient-dense and of course tasty.

Make a bottle and leave to infuse overnight or for a couple of hours, then keep sipping through the day, Delicious and so healthy! Check out these infused water recipes to make water more fun!