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5 Scientifically Proven Activities For Couples That Help Improve Their Bond

Well, someone just said it right that relationships aren’t a cakewalk and marriages are work in progress. 

You’ve got to maintain a similar spark even after your ‘honeymoon phase’ comes to an end. And, that’s exactly where most couples struggle. 

No, it’s not as big an issue as it seems. Because there are a plethora of things couples can indulge in (with a little mindfulness) to strengthen their bond. 

We’ve mentioned a few of them and are sure that these simple activities will pay off big time! 

Read on and discover.

  • Listen to music together

As per a 2013 study by Freie University Berlin, music helps us connect with others. It is known to impact the part of the brain related to empathy, trust, and cooperation. And, all of these are strong pillars of a healthy relationship.  

Yet another 2009 study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing found that listening to music can also release oxytocin. In fact, couples who listened to just 30 minutes of soothing music are known to have a higher level of oxytocin than those who didn’t. 

That being said, listen to some romantic music with your partner and that is surely going to deepen your bond. 

  • Try out new things together

Are you someone who constantly craves to discover new things and try them out? 

Consider doing this with your partner. 

Those who do so are more satisfied as compared to the other couples and stay clear of any rut, according to a study by psychologist Arthur Aron

When you try out new things together, you get to experience a totally different side of your partner and learn something new about him/her. And, this in itself is an exciting experience, isn’t it? 

  • Travel together

What’s more meaningful than traveling to a new place and learning about its people and culture? 

And, it’s even better when both you and your partner share similar likes. If it is otherwise and you travel together, you both get to learn about each others’ preferences and it might turn out that you develop a fondness for the same things.  

This way you also get to spend quality time together. Alongside, you also prioritize each other this way which keeps the romance between you two brimming! 

We suggest you go hiking together whenever possible. It is a great way to seek solace in the lap of nature, connect with yourself, and your partner simultaneously. When you do, make sure to dress appropriately and be equipped. If you’re looking for some essentials, you can rely on Condor gear as it’s one of the most trusted names. 

  • Work out together

Never thought of working out with your soulmate? 

Consider it today because studies have found that there is a multitude of benefits related to it. Moreover, it also enhances your bond and increases happiness in your relationship. 

P.S. While you plan to work out together, keep one thing clear in your mind that you do not have to completely rely on your partner. Every individual has a separate pace and respecting that is important. The key is to be on your own while you accompany your partner. 

  • Volunteer together

A spike in the oxytocin levels is witnessed after people complete charitable acts, according to a 2013 study published in the journal Hormones and Behaviour. And, as already mentioned, oxytocin is associated with reducing stress and inculcating peace within. 

That being said, any volunteering act helps amplify the level of social connectedness and eliminate any form of anxiety. 

Final Word

These are just a few scientifically proven activities for couples to improve their bond. Now that you’re aware of these simple yet effective activities that help keep any relationship tension at bay, stop waiting and get started with them already.   

Nevertheless, don’t stress too much about doing these only. It is actually more about doing meaningful things together and prioritizing each other over other things. Until you make efforts to spend time with each other, things shall flow smoothly.

Jeff Campbell