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Top 4 Ways to Make Money Online

The internet is not just a source of information, it has evolved and turned into an independent sector with numerous opportunities to make money online.

Today, you can capitalize on many things from blogging to opening an e-commerce business to even playing at Android casino sites! The earning potential is practically limitless, and the amount of money you can make online depends only on the time and effort you are ready to invest.

If you are serious about earning money online in the long run, you should know that it isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

You should build a winning mindset that will motivate you at the early stages because you won’t achieve the desired result overnight. The bumpy road shouldn’t discourage you from reaching the goal. So, here are proven ways to make a good profit if you are disciplined enough.

Blog writing

Probably, this is the most popular and sustainable method of earning money online — it isn’t the simplest though.

Starting a blog isn’t rocket science, you just need to write helpful articles on the topics you are expert in. You can start giving valuable advice, thoughts, or opinions on a narrow-focused subject. Expressing ideas is not the hardest part of blogging.

But, if you want to make real money, you need to choose a profitable niche, determine your target audience, and adapt your content correspondingly. The ways to profit from your blog are various: affiliate programs, Google ads, sponsored posts, etc.

The most successful bloggers earn millions of dollars.

Affiliate marketing

This is a fast-growing type of marketing because anyone can participate in affiliate programs. You don’t have your own products to sell, do you? There is a possibility to get attractive commissions from promoting the services of other businesses.

The concept is straightforward.

You receive a custom affiliate link from a retailer, which you should promote in your social media, and ideally, at your blog or website. Anytime a user purchases the product via your link, you receive money.

To prosper in this activity, you need to increase the list of your subscribers. As a rule, marketers make up a list of emails and constantly notify customers of any promotional offers.

The advantages of affiliate marketing are as follows:

  • you don’t need to have your own product
  • you don’t need to create a marketing strategy and content
  • you can work even via your iOS or Android mobile phone
  • you just need to place an affiliate link and wait for users’ clicks

The aforementioned activities will bring good and constant income in the long term if you can discipline yourself, devote your time, and make some effort.

Cryptocurrency trading and investing

This has recently become a tremendously popular activity due to the skyrocketing prices of cryptocurrencies.

Early adopters of Bitcoin got up to 50x returns on their investments in 2017. Despite the skepticism of some industry experts, big-name financial companies are heavily investing in cryptocurrencies, thus increasing their market capitalization.

If you have ever tried yourself as a trader, then the cryptocurrency market is definitely worth your attention.

Cryptocurrency trading is similar to traditional forex trading with the only difference — you can get a much higher potential profit. Another great thing is that traders can do it via their mobile phones whenever convenient for them because the cryptocurrency market is active 24/7.

Due to the increasing number of iOS and Android users, mobile developers have created dozens of licensed cryptocurrency trading apps available at the Google Play Store, and the Apple Store.

If you are new to trading and don’t want to learn the principles of fundamental and technical analysis, trading strategies, numerous orders types, and so on, you can buy Bitcoin via your iOS or Android phone and wait for the price increase like Erik Finman did.

If the current Bitcoin price (appr. $10,000) is to make a dent in your bankroll, there is a huge number of cryptocurrencies under $1. Who knows which of them could be the next Bitcoin?

Online gambling at real money casino sites

Even not being a professional gambler, you can make good money with online casino games just via your phone or tablet, or other Android devices, at numerous Android casinos.

We focus on Android casinos here, because there’s an effectively larger number of them in the market. However, before rushing to download the apps of Android casinos, you should first figure out the different types of real money games and potential gains from them.

You might remember the old saying — the house always wins.

But it has little to do with modern online casinos. For instance, online slots operate differently from the slots in the land-based casinos.

The software providers utilize a random number generator, which uses complex algorithms to produce a sequence of numbers that are actually pseudo-random. It means that it’s possible to predict the future outcome if you have advanced programming skills.

There’s also the thing called RTP, a return to player.

The average return to player rate of online video slots is 95-97%, and the RTP of mobile slots is even higher, 97-98%. This means that the chances of winning in mobile slots are very great. Especially lucrative jackpots can be hit in progressive slots that are created by expert casino software companies.

For example, Mega Moolah’s €18.9 million jackpot was won via an Android device.

With bonuses free spins and multiple casino bonuses provided by Android casinos you don’t even need to wager your own money, but the chances of winning remain the same.

Android casinos offer promotion packages that vary a lot across casinos online platforms. The majority of casino websites have a mobile casino version or an Android app to provide their users with an opportunity to play casino games on the go.

If you already have a casino account at, say,  Vegas Casino or any other reliable site featured in the top casino reviews, you can get bonuses for trying their version of Android casinos or their custom-designed gambling apps.

The mobile casinos provide a range of bonuses from deposit bonus to bonus play. Now, the favorite games can be accessible from multiple smartphone models working with Android operating system: Windows phone, Xiaomi, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, etc.

Slots, video poker, and a host of table games are very popular and available at all Android casinos, iPhone casinos, and live dealer casinos.

Generally, these games are popular because they don’t require much time to master. On the other hand, you can’t influence the outcome of the so-called games of chance.

But there are also skill-based games like poker and blackjack. You can refine your playing skills by practicing within demo games at Android casinos.

The bottom line

You can play Android casino games to make money, but it doesn’t guarantee a constant income each month.

Betting on real money Android casino games involves high risk, but it is also true for other above-mentioned ways. All of them require investing your time, effort, money, and nerves, and might still end up with failure. The chances for success in, say, cryptocurrency trading are just the same as in gambling via Android casino apps.

Overall, life itself is a bet, and it is full of risk. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Jeff Campbell