Do Sudoku Puzzles Improve Mental Health?

The oldest and most effective leisure activity worldwide has always been solving puzzles.

Sudoku is a fantastic puzzle game that guarantees enormous mental health benefits. The game will help exercise your brain and keep your mind occupied and active with numerous logic puzzles and exciting games.

According to a study from the National Library of Museum, the Sudoku task activates the medial and lateral regions of the PFC (prefrontal cortex). Thus, you can use sudoku for cognitive remediation training in neuropsychiatric disorders like depression, bipolar disease, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease involving PFC.

The Sudoku game requires executive cognitive functions, most importantly problem-solving and decision-making. This makes it a promising tool for care and good remediation therapy in neuropsychiatric disorders.

If you need to keep your brain and mental health in top shape, try the Sudoku number pattern game.

There are countless reasons why Sudoku will be good for your mental health. I’ll highlight four (4) of the most important ones for you to know what you can gain by playing this puzzle game.

1.  Sudoku will stimulate and enhance your brain’s lifespan

Exercising your brain often will ensure that while the brains of your peers decline, yours will get better. The cognitive functions of your brain will keep your brain working better and for longer.

It is a fact that exercising different parts of your brain improves your mental health. It doesn’t matter if you are playing an instrument, learning a new language, or solving a puzzle; keeping your brain occupied will improve your mental health.

2.  Sudoku will help you manage your stress levels

Engaging in this game can help you manage your stress levels. It is going to help you repurpose the stress on the puzzle. Instead of stressing about the troubles of this world, this number puzzle game will help you redirect that stress to something more lucrative.

Pressure on your mind to get a puzzle correct will cause you to expand your thinking capabilities, distract you and reduce your stress level. It also allows you to improve your mental health with mind-blowing puzzles that you can even play online with a friend.

3.  Sudoku will keep your mind on lock

Remember the adage “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”? Sudoku will help you avoid putting your mind on an autopilot mood.

When you take a break from work or return home after work, there’s usually not much to do at home right? Plus you can’t always go out with friends because it’d take a hit on your budget and also because it may become boring.

That’s where a puzzle game comes in handy. When you are home with nothing to do or taking a break from work, you can take on a challenging Sudoku puzzle that’ll constantly keep your mind occupied.

4.  Stimulate the left side of your brain

While it is normal for everyone to use both sides of the brain, how often do you use your left brain? The left brain is considered the more verbal, analytical, and orderly side of the brain. A dated study reveals that it can help you with:

  • Thinking in words
  • Logic
  • Sequencing
  • Linear thinking
  • Facts, etc.

Exercising the left side of your brain will require you to actively play puzzle games that’ll give your mind that added boost. You can play sudoku online with a friend to enhance the power of your left brain.


Mental health is a trend in our society today because of its importance. Whenever you neglect your mental health, you neglect your life on this beautiful earth.

Play Sudoku today and improve your mental health.

Jeff Campbell