How to Make a Living Room Look Lived-In

One of the most common challenges involved in moving to a new place happens not before or during the move, but the moment you move in. Once the last box has been unloaded from the removal van, it might feel strange to be in an unfamiliar setting. 

Once you have the keys to your new house, the key to making yourself at home is styling it so that it feels more personal to you. While this tends to be a process that takes place organically over time, there are ways to kickstart it so that your new abode feels less like a showhome – and more like your home.

Get Comfortable

Living rooms are made for relaxing in, so choose furniture that balances comfort with style (check out Kasala for some great living room furniture options, including handy storage). It’s also a good idea to visit stores in person so that you can “test drive” your chosen couch or armchairs for maximum comfort. 

Create a Cozy Nook

If you have a bay window, use a padded seating bench and throw pillows to create a cozy reading nook that’s perfect for rainy days. Alternatively, place a large, comfortable armchair right next to a bookcase stacked with your favorites, and add a lamp to read by. Keep children’s picture books within easy reach on lower shelves to offer an alternative to screen time whenever they need it.

Personal Touches

Framed photographs, souvenirs, bowls and other knick knacks added to your shelving (and even your coffee table) can also add a sense of familiarity and comfort to your home. Use items of varying shape and size that complement one another, leaving a few inches of space between each object to avoid overcrowding. 

Customize your Lighting 

While overhead lighting has its use, particularly in living rooms where natural light is scarce. It’s not always the most relaxing option. Using adjustable mood lighting, string lights, dimmers, or a few carefully-placed lamps for a subtle glow  can help to create a calm atmosphere to help you wind down after a long day.

Picture This

A gallery wall makes a fantastic addition to any living room, whether it’s a strategically-placed set of frames on a single shelf or an eclectic mix of frames in various sizes and colors mounted up on the wall. Choose from maps, old movie posters, kid’s artwork or prints of your favorite paintings to add a little artistic flair to your living room.

Get Cozy With Color

The key to adding color to rooms is to choose a limited palette and stick to it. Some hues, such as rich, deep colors can create a cocooning, comforting effect. If you prefer lighter shades, subtle grays work well alongside other more muted hues to create a calming ambiance. Whether block color or as part of a pattern,  use your palette to create a harmonious look to your living room.

Add Texture

Layering throws, blankets and pillows is another way to add color and comfort to your home, or if you have an expanse of hardwood or other hard flooring, why not break up the space by adding a rug; soft, shaggy faux fur for added warmth underfoot, or a bright and bold abstract design to create visual interest and a cheerful, welcoming look.


Jeff Campbell

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