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Is Security Film Worth It? Will it Really Secure Your Home?

Keeping our homes secure is a top priority for most of us. I had heard of security film but wasn’t sure exactly how it worked. I also wondered is security film worth it?

For a home with multiple windows & glass doors, you can expect to pay $1,000 or more for a complete professional installation of security window film. However, burglary deterrence, UV ray protection, energy savings & injury prevention from shattered glass, many homeowners do find the expense well worth it.

Our homes are our sanctuary, our personal space away from the outside world. Having our homes invaded can be quite disturbing.

Whether you managed to catch the intruder or not, you will continue feeling troubled and wondering if it might happen again. For homes with large windows, window tint comes in handy for the overall protection of your home.

Over the year’s window tinting has been perceived as an aesthetic feature, very few could have thought it would offer protection to their homes. Nowadays, window tints have become a must-have for every homeowner.

Journey with me as we look at the pros and cons of tinted house windows.

Co-authored with Eric Tress

Why you need a security film at home

1. Burglary protection

Security window film makes your glass doors and windows hard to break.

Often, burglars will break into your home by smashing a glass door. Advanced locks might be of no help when the glass is easily breakable.

For burglars, stealing is a no-brainer when you have your large glass door and windows facing your living room, especially when they can see through them.

However, you can prevent this by applying security film.

Window film is a perfect deterrent for any would-be burglar since they have no idea what’s inside your home.

Ultimately crooks want the quick win; easy in, easy out with little to no hassle.

Most smash and grab burglars rely on what they see through the window as many do not have any prior information about your home.

Having a film installed on your windows will make it difficult for anyone to see what’s inside and therefore preventing any temptation to steal from your home.

Window tint films are also quite sticky and help a lot in holding the broken glass pieces together.

This delays further attempts to break in as a burglar will require a drastic amount of force to get in the house.

2. Privacy concerns

Aside from burglary activities, no one likes being spied on. We have all at one time or another been victims of nosy neighbors.  

An easy way to deal with these privacy concerns is by having a security window film.

Window security film can keep prying eyes out, whether from true criminals or just busy-body neighbors. Walk around your house wearing whatever you like without concern over what someone across the street might be seeing.

3. Fire protection

High temperatures from a fire can leave a glass panel in large shards which can cause potential injuries to people around.

When that happens, it becomes a hazard just trying to exit your home, but also for the fire and rescue crews coming to the rescue.

Window security film can prevent this by keeping the glass in place and ensuring a safe rescue operation without having to deal with shards of glass along the way.

4. Preventing explosion

Terrorism is a threat across many countries that can no longer be ignored.

Hopefully for most of us just wanting to secure our homes, this will be the least important reason to install it.

But for others it could be a larger factor.

The prime targets of terrorist-style actions are schools, sports centers, and even government buildings. In these places, most injuries are caused by flying window glass blown from the buildings.

People located within a striking distance are more vulnerable and in most cases, they end up with serious injuries. It can also be fatal.

The good news is that this can be prevented with a security window film which prevents glass in the nearby buildings from scattering.

5. Earthquakes

If you live in areas such as South Carolina, Eastern Massachusetts and the entire West Coast, earthquakes are not a new thing to you. You get more than your fair share of this natural event.

The most unfortunate thing is the damage that earthquakes are known to cause.

When an earthquake occurs, most houses end up with minor to serious damage. Since glass is not any good at flexing, it tends to crack under mild earthquakes.

If the stress is severe, the glass will often fly out in large shards which can cause injuries to people nearby.

Just as with the bomb blast injury prevention, a well-done film job helps to keep the glass intact even with severe earthquakes. More information about dealing with personal injury accidents you can find at, a useful online resource.

6. Heat protection

Summer heat can be a great opportunity to go on vacations, go swimming, and other fun activities. But it’s not always that fun when our homes get hotter and our energy bills go through the roof.

Fortunately, window films can help to reduce thermal heat from sunlight by not only a degree or two but by as much as  50%, thus, making it more comfortable indoors with the added benefit of reduced energy bills.

7. Window film UV protection

UV rays reflection on your screens causes glare which makes watching your favorite TV shows quite uncomfortable. This can be hampered by a troublesome glare during sunny days.

UV rays can also fade drapes, curtains, and furniture if they get a lot of direct sunlight.

So, installing security film is a relatively inexpensive way of helping preserve your home and it’s belongings.

Need a less expensive DIY solution?

The best part about this surprisingly inexpensive solution is that Window Whirl Privacy Window Film (click to see on Amazon) is adhesive-free, installs in minutes, and is easy to clean! Just click the link to see size options and check current prices.

Buyers guide for home security film

Buying a window film can be quite challenging, especially for a new homeowner. Let’s take a look at a few things that you need to be aware of before you buy.

1. How thick should window security film be?

The thickness of the window security film goes hand in hand with the price.

Tip: the thicker the film the better it will serve you, but the more it will cost.

A 4 mil film can provide basic results, but for the best results go for the 8 mils thick film or higher. Most companies offer film up to 14 mil thick for the ultimate combination of durability, privacy, and UV ray protection.

2. Adhesive cling versus static cling

These are two terms you might come across when buying a window tint. Here’s the difference between the two:

Adhesive cling;

This refers to films that stick to the surface more strongly.

They are the best choice of films for security purposes. Adhesive clings are also more versatile and can stick to a wider variety of glasses surfaces, both smooth and frosted glasses.

Static cling;

Static window tints act as a suction cup to stick on surfaces.

They are therefore easier to position and are easily removed. The main disadvantage of static cling films is that they are not as protective as the adhesive films.

Use static cling film when you don’t have the budget to hire installers or if you don’t plan to remain in the property long term and may need to remove it when you leave.

3. The size of the films

It is important that you buy large sheets that will be enough for your windows.

Fitting a window tint perfectly can be quite difficult. Therefore always go for a larger film for your windows tint job.

While you can buy precut sheets, buying the film in a roll, like the pros do, is ultimately much more economical.

4. How much does it cost to install security window film?

It might be tempting to get DIY tint kit for your house windows but the benefits of hiring a professional outweigh any savings you can make.

Just like most of us would not attempt to tint our own car windows, leave the application of window film to the professionals for a perfect job at a reasonable price.

A professional will also give you advice on the best window security film brand to choose for your house.

In most cases, you’ll pay between $7 to $9 per square foot for window security film installed. Just multiply the height by the width and then multiply that number by 9 to err on the high side and that will give a good idea of the cost.

Most windows will end up being somewhere around $100 each.

Need a less expensive DIY solution?

The best part about this surprisingly inexpensive solution is that Window Whirl Privacy Window Film (click to see on Amazon) is adhesive-free, installs in minutes, and is easy to clean! Just click the link to see size options and check current prices.

5. Privacy

There are two types of films to choose for privacy purposes; the transparent and privacy mirror films.

The latter is more effective in obscuring your rooms from view. They also tend to be more decorative and block more sun rays from your home’s interior.

Can you put window film on the outside?

Just like with auto tint, it works far better to install window security film on the inside of the glass.

While there’s technically nothing preventing installation on the outside of the window, your tint will be subject to a lot more wear and tear due to weather.

Also, if you are installing for security purposes, it also makes sense to install on the inside so it’s not easily removed by would-be intruders.

But if there are circumstances that require the installation to be on the outside of the glass, just know that between wind, rain, and radical temperature fluctuations, you will see a significantly shorter lifespan on the film and it may void your warranty unless you are buying film specifically designed for exterior use.

If you have any double-paned windows that have fogged, while you could simply cover the issue with window film, you might be surprised at just how easy it can be to Fix Foggy Windows (click to read my how to article).

Can you see out tinted windows?

The short answer is yes.

The whole reason we apply window tint or film to any window is to help reduce visibility from the outside as well as reducing the harmful effects of UV rays, while still allowing us to see out.

After all, if we weren’t able to see out of tinted car windows when driving, we’d be in trouble.

Of course, there are factors that affect how well you can see out of tinted windows.

Those factors include:

  • How dark the tint/film is
  • The brightness of the sun outside the home (if during the day)
  • How light it is inside the home

Of course, on your home, there are no legalities to consider, but for cars, there are restrictions on how dark the tint can be and on which windows.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we took an in-depth look into the world of window security film.

We examined the pros and cons, looked at DIY vs pro installation and explored some of the surprising benefits that come with having window film on your windows at home.

Ultimately, we answered the question is security film worth it?

If you want to increase the safety of your home, keep out the nosy neighbors and watch your TV in peace, then a security film is highly recommended.

Have you tried window security film?

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