How To Do Double Pane Window Fogging Repair Yourself

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Wondering how to do double pane window fogging repair?

Windows fogging up in the house?

When we get those windows in our house that are cloudy and fogged, it’s irritating!

The windows always look dirty and are harder to see out of. We also wonder if we’re losing energy efficiency.

Condensation inside double pane windows is frustrating!

Many of us just wonder if the only way to fix it is to replace it and if we have several that adds up quick!

If you have ever wondered how to do double pane window fogging repair or about defogging double pane windows, read on as we walk you through all the steps in evaluating and fixing your windows yourself!

by Alex Omelchenko, edited by Jeff Campbell

How To Remove Moisture Between Double Pane Windows

When you see condensation inside double pane windows, several things need to be taken into consideration.

Particularly in humid areas where the climate changes are quite extreme, wooden window frames are usually to blame.

When too much moisture builds up in the wooden frames, the wood begins to rot, in time causing the window’s seal to fail. By the time fogginess has appeared between the panes of glass, this indicates that the window’s seal has been compromised, which lets moisture seep inside.

If rotted wood is the problem check out just how easy it is to Replace Rotten Wood on a Window.

Once the seal is damaged on your thermal windows, it cannot be re-sealed.

Usually at this point, replacing the windows is advisable, but it is very costly.

If this is a last resort you would rather avoid, then there is a chance you can do double pane window fogging repair by fixing it yourself.

Remember that learning how to get condensation out of windows is risky, as there is a chance you may crack the glass, requiring help from the professionals after all.

But there’s a chance you can fix it yourself and you could save a lot of money!

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Tips For Managing Condensation in Your Window Panes

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If you have found condensation between your window panes, then you have probably noticed that your utility bills have gone through the roof.

As moisture creeps in, the treated air in your house can creep out, making for energy inefficiency. This can take its toll on your comfort, your energy costs, and your HVAC system.

Getting ready to perform double pane window fogging repair

  1. First, give your windows a good cleaning. This will eliminate buildup on the window which may not be condensation.
  2. See if the problem is in just one part of the window; a lot more cost-effective than replacing the entire window.
  3. If the problem is too far-gone (such as severe water damage or rot), it may be wise to call in a professional to treat or replace the whole unit – frame and all.

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Understanding Insulated Windows

The way that double-pane windows, also known as thermal windows (or insulated glass windows) work is by providing an additional layer of insulation.

This additional level of insulation helps your home to maintain a consistent temperature by minimizing loss of energy and transfer of heat between the exterior and interior environment.

You’re probably going to find that, like most modern thermal-pane windows, your windows have two seals. The inner seal is there to ward off excess moisture and prevent corrosion, and the outer seal enhances the durability of your window.

These seals will be holding a spacer in place, which is generally a tube which contains water-absorbent solutions.

The Reasons You Have Condensation Inside Double Pane Windows

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On the whole, IGUs (insulated glass units) serve their purpose quite well.

They are able to withstand all sorts of weather, from freezing climates to sweltering heat and blustering winds.

Because there are two seals, one can carry the weight of the other for a while, should one of these seals break or fail.

But, inevitably, the other seal will buckle under the pressure and will begin to deteriorate as well.

When that happens you’ll begin to see condensation inside double pane windows.

When there is inadequate drainage, water starts to collect and spread, further damaging the seals and even jamming or rotting the frame.

Your windows face constant direct exposure to the outer elements, particularly sunlight.

Temperature fluctuations cause the glass to continuously expand and contract. Over time, this warps the shape of the glass, causing it to fit improperly in its frame.

As the glass and the frame weaken over time, more air and moisture is able to seep in between the panes of glass, causing the build-up of moisture which you see in the form of condensation on your thermal panes.

A great solution to this, which also gives privacy and less glare on your TV is to tint your windows.

Tinting your home windows is no different than tinting a car window; except it’s easier! No curved windows or awkward dashboards to make applying the tint challenging.

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Attempting To DIY & perform double pane window fogging repair

Remember, you should only attempt defogging double pane windows if you are prepared to have the window replaced, regardless.

Don’t pick a day to work on that is either very sunny or extremely cold. The additional strain on the glass could result in it shattering. Remember safety; wear gloves and safety goggles.

With double pane window fogging repair, the idea is to drill two tiny holes, on the lower side of the outer pane of glass.

What happens is, when sunshine hits the window, the outer glass will warm up, absorbing condensation inside double pane windows which is trapped.

Before fixing those windows fogging up in house, make sure you have all the proper tools.

For DIYers there are some essential Woodworking Tools and Equipment you need that won’t break the bank. So make sure and check out the list and get what you need.

Want some tips on drilling holes in glass? Check out exactly how Bob Villa does it!

Due to the fact that hot air is expanding, it should move toward and through these holes.

As it starts to cool down at night time, the cool air seeping in will be drier. In many cases, this procedure will gradually clear all of the moisture out of the window. If you got this far, congratulations!

Considerations when trying to perform double pane window fogging repair

First of all, whatever caused the condensation in the first place has not been addressed, so new excess moisture can still creep in from the source.

So if you have rotting window frames make sure to repair those as well.

Secondly, should rainwater get into your new holes, then your window will end up worse than when you started. Bugs can also get into these tiny holes as well.

If you live in a climate which sees hot and humid summers, then you may want to consider plugging these holes during summer.

Otherwise, when you run the air conditioning, you may find the process working backward and that your windows fill up with water.

Place an inch of plastic tubing into the holes, which you can glue into place using silicone or caulk. Depending on the climate, the process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months to take effect.

The colder the temperature, the quicker you should see results.

When defogging double pane windows doesn’t work

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If  defogging double pane windows doesn’t work, or if you crack your window, it’s time to call in a professional!

Window technicians have years of experiencing dealing with all sorts of window complications and will advise you of the best way forward.

If you’re a DIY fan, why not check out some of the other great home repair posts on this site such as How to Build a Deck Step by Step!

Now that you’re done with your double pane window fogging repair, make sure to clean them with the highest of all glass cleaners on Amazon.  Free shipping included!

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Did we cover everything you wanted to know about how to perform double pane window fogging repair?

In this post, Alex walked us through identifying the underlying causes that led to the condensation inside double pane windows.

We also looked at the steps that anyone can take to DIY defogging double pane windows. He also pointed out the risks involved and when to admit it’s time to hire a professional.

But most importantly we learned how to get condensation out of windows, and you now know that defogging double pane windows is possible to do ourselves!

If you have windows fogging up in house have you tried fixing them?

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