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17 Awesome Jobs College Students Can Do Online

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Working while you’re in college can be rough. So many are searching for jobs college students can do online.

Here are some of the best:

College students need online jobs that pay well, have flexible hours, and can be adjusted to fit the course-load. Some of the best ones include being a social media manager for local or national businesses, doing academic or article writing, being a virtual assistant, and tutoring younger students. Jobs board like NYC jobs board has several online jobs for college students. 

But there’s a lot more to know about the digital economy, side-hustles, working from home (or a dorm), and making money online while you get your degree.

Remote working has become a big industry. There are more people than ever before working from home or from their college dorms while still earning a good wage.

Some even realize that freelancing or internet marketing may have more potential than getting that degree!

So today, we’re looking at the top ways or earning money on the side. These side hustles can all be done online and they pay great!

Specifically, we’re going to explore the top 17 jobs college students can do online. That way you can work when and where you want to in a way that also allows you to focus on that degree.

Co-authored with Grace Carter

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1. Freelance Graphic Designer

If you’ve got the skills and the software to make this happen, becoming a graphic designer can be a great gig, and can earn you a lot of money.

From designing logos and business cards for companies to editing photos and branding, there’s plenty of jobs out there to take as you please.

Get Started at 99 Designs or DesignCrowd

2. Stock Photographer

Whether it’s for Facebook ads or for blogs such as the Huffington Post, quality photos have never been more in demand.

While some high-end news companies have their own photographers on staff, many turn to companies like Shutterstock, which you can contribute photos to.

Every time someone selects your photo, you get paid a small royalty. The more photos you submit, the more frequently your pics are likely to get chosen.

Get Started at Shutterstock or Photography Jobs Online

3. Social Media Manager

If you know a thing or two about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or even Snapchat, why not get paid to run someone else’s social media accounts?

Some businesses, especially smaller businesses, can’t afford, nor have the people, to effectively run their social media pages.

Thus, they pay people like you to do it for them!

Get Started at:  PaidSocialMediaJobs

4. Get Paid to Write Blog Posts

Almost all successful blogs and news websites hire writers to help crank out posts.

You can easily be one of them! Work from your dorm or on a laptop on the beach. You can select the jobs and write when you want to.

This writing program has been featured on MSNBC, Entrepreneur and countless others.

Get Started at WritingJobsOnline

5. Slogan Writer

Imagine Nike without the “Just Do It” or No “15 minutes could save you 15% on car insurance” from Geico.

All companies use slogans and taglines.

While some biggies may use staff writers to craft them, many turn to the internet once again to contract out what they need.

So if you’re good with words or working on your marketing degree, why not upload slogans where thousands of companies browse and see if yours get picked?

Get Started at Slogan Seller

6. Academic Writing

College students have all the skills required for writing academic content. Just focus on the academic level of the year below you.

You can help students around the world by writing their academic world, helping them manage their academic work efficiently.

Editus is a place where you can post your skills as a college essay writer. Then college students can search and find you and hire you to write essays for them. Cheating the system? Perhaps, but if they’re paying a talented writer to write original content, it may as well be you!

Get Started at with the professional editing services Editius

7. Data Entry

Perhaps one of the more tedious of online college jobs, data entry is literally putting data into a computer.

The job types can vary dramatically, and you may be working into a spreadsheet or a website, but the gist of the role remains the same.

This is one of those jobs college students can do online which doesn’t even require a lot of brain power.

Get Started at Clickworker or Amazon Mechanical Turk

8. Editor

The internet produces an astounding amount of written content each and every day.

All of this content needs to be written and edited. So if you’ve got the skills, becoming an editor for a blog, or several blogs could be ideal.

You’ll need a keen eye for detail and the ability to be strict with the content you allow through. But if you have these qualities, this could be the perfect job for you.

Just create a free account listing your skills and prices and watch the job offers flood in!

Get started at Fiverr

9. Online Reviewer

Social proof is the biggest and best way to sell a product online. When people are looking to buy something, they like to see if someone else has brought or used the company before.

As an online reviewer, you’ll have the ability to give your honest opinion in reviews and surveys.

Get Started at Survey Junkie

11. Blogger

Much like a writer, you could always start your own blogging business, or start writing blogs for other websites.

The number of blogs out there is basically limitless, so any niche or genre you want to write for, you can bet you can find a job writing in it.

Get Started at Siteground (or check out the step-by-step process on Creating Your Own Website here on Middle Class Dad)

12. Virtual Assistant

Solo-preneurs all over the globe hire virtual assistants (called VAs) every day. Most set their own hours and schedules and work when and where they want to, making this one of the best jobs college students can do online.

Get started at Fiverr or with these virtual assistant courses.

13. Online Tutor

There are online tutoring services that connect thousands of tutors & parents looking for tutors, including both local or ONLINE.

Create a free profile to get started today and start tutoring tomorrow. Tutor as much or as little as you want to.

Get Started at Wyzant

Of course, there are a ton of different ways to Earn Extra Money on the Side, both on and offline. So if you’re ready to see ALL the options, check out all 53 side hustles I review in one of my most shared Facebook posts of 2018!

14. Teach English (or other languages)

Imagine working in a virtual online classroom where teachers & students come together to get connected.  And no, you don’t have to be a teacher or have finished your degree. Just use the skills you already have to help others learn the basics.

They pay up to $20/hr. so that’s easily one of the best jobs college students can do online.

Get Started at

15. Get Paid to Test Video Games

Every great video game was once in beta mode. That means the designer created the game, but they are testing it with smaller groups of people before offering it for sale.

That allows them to make changes based on the feedback they get from the testers.

Get Started at Gaming Jobs Online

16. Build Website for Local Businesses

Sign up for Siteground web hosting’s Grow Big Plan by clicking where it says Web Hosting. You’ll pay only $5.95/month and you can create an unlimited number of websites.

Find local businesses in your area that aren’t ranking well on Google. For instance, type in “(your town name” pizza delivery” and see what comes up in Google.

If you see some pizza places that don’t show up (at least on page 1) that you know deliver, then pull up their website on your phone.  If it’s not a good looking site and/or not mobile friendly, they need a new website.

Build a simple WordPress website on your Siteground account (free to do with your plan). Then use one of the great-looking free website themes from Athemes and create a basic site for the business.

When it’s ready, reach out to the owner and let them know you noticed they weren’t ranking well and that their outdated website is likely why. Send them a link to the site you created (which will be a temporary URL since the final site will be on their URL).  Offer to sell them the site for $200 (or more).

Offer to handle the switch (which the Siteground free tech support will mostly handle for you) for an additional fee and offer to maintain the site monthly for a recurring fee.

Do this as many times as you like! This is one of those jobs college students can do online that could just become your full-time job!

Get Started at  Siteground

17. Get paid to look at ads (probably the same ones you’re looking at anyway)

We can’t look at any screen these days without seeing ads; mobile, Netflix, websites; and countless others.

You see these ads anyway, why not get paid for it! This one is so easy, it almost shouldn’t count as jobs college students can do online.

You can get points for viewing ads and news reports on your phone. Then redeem the rewards they give you to your Paypal account or get gift cards to your favorite retailers.

Android only for the moment.

Get Started at Slidejoy

Did we cover all the jobs college students can do online you were looking for?

In this post, we took a detailed look at some of the very best ways busy college students can earn money.

We examined jobs that pay great but won’t interfere with your class and study schedules. You can find jobs that allow you to work when and where you want to and you won’t have to wear a name tag while you’re doing them.

Specifically, we looked at the very best jobs college students can do online.

These jobs will pay the bills without stressing you out or wrecking your grades. That way you can get back to enjoying college and building your successful future.

What’s your biggest challenge in college?

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