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Introducing the Magical Golden Touch in the House

Gold has always been a sign of luxury, richness, and splendor. It used to be a common feature in traditional decors that endeavored to create a sense of indulgence and magnificence. As time passed, it started losing its place and position. People reduced their dependence on this shade as it looked too flashy for their evolved tastes and sensibilities.

But you can say that old habits die hard. Even though interiors abandoned it, the fondness for it never exactly faded from the mind and memory. Perhaps it was this reason gold made a comeback but with a subtle transformation to transcend everyone’s expectations.

So, if you have been craving this color for a long, you don’t need to wait anymore. You can ditch the conventional style to add sheen to your urban home. The richness of the shade would give your interiors an effortless glamorous appeal.

Here is a quick peep into ways to use the different tones and warmth of the golden metal.


One of the easiest tricks to enhance any desirable theme is to select the upholstered pieces and furnishings wisely. You can buy curtains, cushion covers, rugs, and upholstery in the light golden shade. In this backdrop, a choice of copper-gold wall art may look resplendent.

Make sure you layer the depth well to strike the perfect balance of golden colors. Only then can you have an elegant and eclectic ambiance.


Do you want to go a little overboard with this part of your house?

For those who seek exquisiteness, they can paint their ceiling with metallic gold. In the side corners, you can add a console table and mirror frame.

Walls can have blue wallpaper to round off the look. If you don’t want to go extensive with this, you can keep your ceiling white and select blue wallpaper with golden prints for the walls. It would be a simple but gorgeous touch.


Antique and dull golden items can instantly bestow your home with an old-world charm.

But it is worth considering only when you want to make a statement through this. Otherwise, choosing modern frames, candle holders, lampshades, gold accent planters, and nested tables is more sensible. Nowadays, pendant lights are quite popular. You can install them to give your room ample light.

Some homeowners include lights in the wall panels and ceiling also for some more golden glow. If you wish, you can also give it a try. It would not disappoint you.

Other than this, you can get some candle holders, vases, etc. Choose things with a wee bit of golden impact.


Your bathroom doesn’t have to feel left out.

You can add a dose of glamour to this private space of your home with accent tiles at strategic spots. Don’t forget to add a spotlight. It would help bring the whole focus on this part, making it the focal point of your bathroom. You can play with a combination of black and gold in the guest bathroom for some show-off. And to make it more powerful, you can have dramatic light effects added to this place.

Against the black wall with golden touches, a black or white vanity can be an excellent addition. You can gift it a branded under-mount sink with a gold faucet.

Or, if a black and gold theme is too much, you can stick to the safer white and gold combination.

You can have side tables with gold legs in the white background to use as the plant stand. Vanity can again have the gold-tipped lighting. So, like this, you can visualize this space and infuse the golden accents wherever you feel. It would not dominate the scheme; still, its presence will have a strong pull.

Besides, going for a gold-colored faucet can be a brilliant idea, but you would have to maintain it well. Water spots can affect the shine. So make sure you wipe it every day with a wet and dry fiber cloth.

Kitchen island

In the open-plan space, you would most likely have an island in the center.

You can paint it golden while the rest of the areas can wear a simple white look. To accentuate the island’s impact, you can extend the golden treatment to the kitchen faucet and a few additional small items.

Getting gold appliances like faucets for your kitchen should not be a challenge. The stores and marketplaces would be replete with fantastic options. You have to find your best buddy from the overwhelming numbers. Still, if you need a flexible and versatile design, go for a pulldown kitchen faucet.

Please get something in brushed gold. The muted tone in the sink area against the superstar island in the kitchen would create a seamless visual flow. Then, pulldown functionality offers a lot of convenience of use. Whether you have to fill water, rinse dishes, or prep meals, you can rely on it to make your job faster and smooth.

This plumbing fixture can be a blessing, especially if you are a busy cook.

Furthermore, if there is a dining space in the kitchen, you can select white chairs with golden metal frames to add a touch of your coveted hue. Besides, you can fix white pendant lights over the table to maximize the lighting impact.

These are just a few ideas. You can use them as an inspiration for your new home décor or pick a few of the suggestions to upgrade your existing interiors with golden touches.

Whether you use this palette all over your house or in some strategic corners, you can rest assured to feel happy about the result. However, before you start figuring things out, it would be better to learn about today’s popular golden shades.

For example, brushed gold, rose gold, champagne bronze, and other such variations can be there. You would have to choose from them. For a muted or silent effect, you can go with a brushed gold finish, especially with kitchen sink faucets. And where you want to make a bold statement, you can focus on a polished version.

Jeff Campbell